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Zeba Hairdressing director, Paul Dromgoogle, discusses the importance of Phorest salon software in driving their colour business across four locations

Paul Dromgoole

Zeba Hairdressing is an award-winning salon group, established by Paul, Angie and Richard Dromgoole, which boasts 30 years in business. A long-standing leader in the Irish hair industry, Zeba Hairdressing specialises in creative colour, precision cuts, and innovative styling across four luxurious salon locations. They also use Phorest.

Using Phorest to ensure colour services run smoothly

As a specialist colour salon, digital client notes are one of the Zeba team’s most-used Phorest features. With over 126,000 clients across four locations, keeping things organised is vital. “We used to leave client notes on post-its at the desk, having the front of house update them at the end of the day,” recalls Paul. With Phorest, the team can update colour formulations (or any other information) immediately to clients’ digital profiles, from any device. It’s a quicker, easier way to keep information centralised and ensures that hair disasters are avoided!

Similarly, Paul explains that if a client is to arrive at the wrong branch, switches between locations, or changes stylists, their notes can still be accessed from Phorest in any Zeba salon. This means that no matter where they are, visitors will receive the same professional service they’re used to, without any confusion or embarrassment. “


A lot of clients come to Zeba as a brand and go across our salons. For clients coming back in, not having to explain what they usually get is brilliant,” says Paul.

 Helping create a streamlined client booking and rebooking experience

Regular visits to the salon are vital in ensuring clients with coloured hair keep their strands looking fresh. Phorest’s Online Booking features makes it easier to get clients back in more often and helps reduce no-shows significantly.  Phorest salons who use online booking experience 54 per cent fewer no-shows and 30 per cent more revenue compared to salons that don’t use it. Zeba’s average no-show rate in 2022 stood at two per cent, compared to salons not using the feature that experienced an average of 10 per cent no-shows. “The deposit makes for more commitment. When you book online with Phorest, you [as a salon client] give your details and show more commitment. It helps us crack down on no-shows and track those clients who don’t show up,” explains Paul.

Similarly, Zeba uses automated appointment reminders and sends marketing campaigns across its locations to boost client retention. In 2022, Zeba’s email & SMS marketing campaigns brought in a whopping 6,862 per cent ROI across their four salon locations.

On the topic, Paul explains the importance of client retention to his business; “If a colour client comes in four times a year, and we can help her increase that to just one more visit a year, we increase her turnover by 20 per cent. You can’t get 20 per cent new clients, but if you get clients to come in just one more time a year, you can increase your turnover significantly.”

Client Experience is Everything in a Successful Salon

Offering an enhanced in-salon experience for guests is another great benefit of using the Phorest system, notes Paul. PhorestGo (Phorest’s staff app) allows staff members to check their schedules, update client details, check clients in, and pay clients out from the chair. Having the system on the go frees up significant time spent by clients waiting at the front desk and leads to a more streamlined and personal service for everyone.

This time saved allows his team to focus more on building the relationships that form the very foundations of this industry. Those strong bonds are clear from Zeba’s reviews too, which are requested, managed, and published online using Phorest’s Online Reputation feature. With over 97 per cent of their 1500+ Google reviews positive, Online Reputation makes it easier for the business to advertise just how good they are at what they do and attract more clients.