Ice cool colour

LP Cool Majirel

As the heat of summer fades, it’s time to turn down the dial and embrace the cool with L’Oréal Professionnel

Icy blondes. Soft wheat shades. Neutralised balayage and deep brunettes with a touch of blue. Now that there’s a chill in the air, the standout shades for AW20 seem ever-more apt. It’s time to keep things cool.

L’Oréal Professionnel is putting warm shades on ice for the season with an expanded range of cool tones. The star of the show is the Majirel line, providing a trio of options that are perfect for clients who are looking to ride the latest sophisticated colour trends or want to refresh their colour and banish brassiness after the summer months.

Right now, it’s all about reminding clients why they come to you in the first place – that personalised finish that gives them the smile you love to see. The Majirel line’s 46-shade strong selection is here to equip you with the tools you need to tone and neutralise in any colour scenario.

For the colour shy... upgrade visits with Majirel Glow

Encourage colour take-up among your cut and blow-dry clients with these 18 delicate, translucent shades for a next-level natural result tailored to their natural shade and break down the barriers of what people expect from a colour service. Not everything has to be incredibly bold and different, clients can enjoy a luminous, reflective colour with a neutralised finished for mirror-like shine with less base colour.

For existing colour clients... keep them hooked with Majirel Cool Inforced

With different tones, colour combinations and colour techniques, it’s easy to tweak and adjust looks each visit so your client keeps feeling the mood-boosting change. The Majirel Cool Inforced range from L’Oréal Professionnel is boosted in cool reflects for a truly neutral or cool-leaning shade change. These nine true-to-tone shades are for clients that want a natural cool tone or a cool beige that lasts in-between appointments.

For those who think they don’t miss salon colour... re-engage with Majirel Cool Cover

Entice clients back to the salon with colour change services for a new seasonal look. Majirel Cool Cover has 19 shades to create those intense, true cool reflects. This cool coverage gives deep neutralisation, even on darker bases. With the highest concentration of extra-cool, blue reflects in the Majirel range, it fights back against any brassiness by neutralising natural warmth at the root.

Ice and easy…

Adam Reed, UK editorial ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel and the artist behind the cool model looks shown here, has curated a new ‘Cool Down’ menu for the Adam Reed London team. Here are his top tips for tapping into your clients’ thirst for cool results:

  • Make cool colour services relevant for ALL your clients – “It’s about taking a consumer demand or a trend like ‘cool tones’ and speaking about it in a client-friendly way,” says Adam. “We know that there has been a heightened desire for cool tones, and through our Cool Down menu we wanted to come up with an offering that everybody could experience.”
  • Use the new season and cool focus to help engage existing clients, not just bring in new faces – “It’s good to get (clients) thinking about their hair and appointments as a journey,” Adam explains. “It’s important to showcase that you are up to date, continuously thinking about offering something different and providing options, which is what will drive clients in and bring women back to salon.”
  • Getting the ultimate cool result is all about the palette – “My team are artists and an artist needs an extensive palette, incredible tools and an abundance of knowledge about technique,” says Adam. “It’s all about a really subtle placement of colour, personalised to every single client, and then using toners to keep a cool but rich finish.”

Want more? L’Oréal Access has a wide range of courses and e-learning opportunities to help you encourage clients to come Back to Cool. The Undercoats and Neutralisation e-learning module is ideal for all colourists, and unlocking this knowledge will give your clients amazing results that will have them booking back in to keep their cool. To take your techniques further and perfect any look your client might desire, visit