IHF hunts for its Star Team in Dublin

IHF Star Team competitor, Zoe Bent, of The Collective by Lloyds

The Irish Hairdressers Federation’s search for its 2023 Star Team ramped up with finals at Accademia Kilmainham in Dublin.

With 23 finalists travelling from around the country to compete for just five places, events commenced with an hour to complete and present an up style of their choosing. The judging panel included industry heavyweights Sarah Lyons, Anthony Kilcoyne, Mark O’Keeffe, John Keegan, Eoin Wright and Rossa Danagher. 

Once the six judges had scored those styles, hopefuls had 30 minutes to go back to their models to get them shampooed for the blow-dry round. Then there was another hour to pull off a spectacular look without reaching for any hot tools but only their dryers.

IHF Star Team Competitor
IHF Star Team competitor,Samantha Monoghan, of Lavish Studio

IHF Star Team Competitor
IHF Star Team competitor, Zoe Moore, of The Hair Space

This was followed by an interview round. Entrants answered questions about why they’d entered, what they hoped to gain from winning, and what advice they’d give future team wannabes.

“It was so amazing to see juniors from all across the country mix with one another, swapping phone numbers and Instagram handles,” said an IHF spokesperson. “This shows why it’s so important to have events like this: to open the eyes of and allow those who are new to the industry the opportunity to network and broaden their connections nationwide. The support each of the competitors showed the others was wonderful.”

IHF Star Team Competitors
IHF Star Team competitors, Kym Mulher and Ruby Lennon

IHF Star Team Competitor
IHF Star Team Competitor, Caoimhe Feeley, of Salon 2

Judges were said to be “blown away” by the enthusiasm and skill shown.

The winners will be announced later in the autumn at this year’s IHF Championships. The Star Team benefits from a range of experiences over a year, including education and training days with established names in the industry.

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