“I like to take everything with me… like, everything! What does travelling light mean?!” Says barber and men’s hair specialist Pete Cranfield. “When I’m flying somewhere to see a client, I always request two check in bags; one for kit and one for personal essentials. I’m so particular about my kit and I guard it with my life.”

We managed to get him to loosen his grip on his precious cargo to show us just what’s inside…

Two BaByliss PRO clippers from male grooming specialist Pete Cranfield's kit bag

Clippers and trimmers

“These are obviously BaByliss PRO, always. I always take a minimum of two sets with me. Not only do I like to know I’ve got enough power for any situation, but I also have them set up differently with different blades for different types of cutting.”

Men's hair specialist Pete Cranfield's scissor and comb pouch

Scissor/comb pouch

“I have some seven-inch shears in there for bulk removal, some six-inch scissors for more intricate work, a razor – I love using a razor so that’s always with me – and a variety of combs (clipper combs, cutting combs, tapering combs…)”

A plastic cape from Pete Cranfield's kit bag


“A towel just doesn’t cut it and unless we’re working somewhere hot and outdoors, so a cape is essential. It’s part of the service! An itchy client isn’t a happy client.”

Towels in Pete Cranfield's kit bag

Clean, fresh towels

“Essential for hands, tools, and sometimes a client likes to use one to wipe their face after a trim.”

 Pete Cranfield's BaByliss PRO hairdryer


“Again, BaByliss PRO provide the heat! The Italia BRAVA dryer is my go to and I love the diffuser attachment since a lot of my work is natural looking, natural finishes, waves and curls. This dryer is my favourite one to use.”

Pete Cranfield styling products

Styling products

“I don’t go OTT on these. My four essential products cover every base and are always with me.”

Four brushes and a comb from male grooming specialist Pete Cranfield's kit bag


“These are my essential styling tools that I can pretty much create any look with.”

Male grooming specialist Pete Cranfield's kit bag

Kit case

“This is the trusty case that I carry everything in, it’s the perfect size for everything I need and keeps it safe. I wrap everything in towels before I pack my bag to save it banging into each other. Look after your tools and they will look after you!”

Mints, talc and clipper spray from male grooming specialist Pete Cranfield's kit bag

The essentials

“Mints, as working up close with people I like to smell nice and for my breath to be minty! Talc, a must for warm hotel rooms etc. as it stops hair sticking to a client’s skin. Clipper sanitiser, as I see all too often this not being used and hear of nasties being passed around. It is our duty to keep our tools clean and hygienic, no excuses. Ever! And also (not pictured), I always carry a phone charger and mini bluetooth speaker… again, necessary and essential!”