In the mix

Want to know how to take the colours from our April cover from shoot to salon? Read on, as we’ve got the Wella Professionals recipes that’ll have your social-savvy clients reaching for their phones for a #NoFilter selfie…did someone say trending?

For those clients who love to see life through rose-tinted glasses, kiss their hair with a little rose flair with this pop of pink, the perfect glaze for summer. It isn’t full on fuchsia, oh no; you want a wash of refreshing watermelon ice to glaze over this sweet treat. If your client has the attitude, THIS is the perfect recipe!



The Glaze: Lily Rose
Passionista at work: Thomas Frear
To lighten: 30g Blondor Soft Blonde Cream + 45ml Welloxon Perfect 4% developer + 3ml Wellaplex No1 Bond Maker
Glaze formula: 10g Titanium Rose OPAL-ESSENCE by Illumina Color + 10g 9/59 Illumina Color + 40ml Welloxon Perfect 1.9% Pastel Developer

Can you feel the heat? With very cleverly placed lightened sections and an understanding of the individual curl, you can bestow a glowing halo that lifts and brightens. Curls and coils come to life with added depth and dimension, and a sparkle to the eye.



The Glaze: Sienna Sand
Passionista at work: Katie Ottolangui
To lighten: 30g Blondor Freelights Powder and 45ml Freelights 12% developer + 3ml Wellaplex No1 Bond Maker
Glaze formula: 20g 9/59 Illumina Color + 80ml Welloxon Perfect 1.9% Pastel Developer + 20g 10/5 Illumina Color

The merest hint of peach can lift blonde to something a little more unexpected. There’s a warmth without the brass, a playful tone that flirts with the experimental while looking luxe and radiant. This is the gorgeous glaze that many blondes will lust after this spring…



The Glaze: Pampelonne Peach
Passionista at work: Tom Badger
To lighten: 30g Blondor Freelights Powder and 45ml Freelights 9% developer + 3ml Wellaplex No1 Bond Maker
Glaze formula one: 20g Illumina Color 10/1 + 20 g Copper Peach OPAL-ESSENCE by Illumina Color + 80ml Welloxon Perfect 1.9% Pastel Developer
Glaze formula two: 20g Illumina Color 10/1 + 10g Copper Peach OPAL-ESSENCE by Illumina Color + 60ml Welloxon Perfect 1.9% Pastel Developer

Zoë Irwin on… the Instagram Blonde

“There’s a technique that I really use a lot in what I’m doing with my own clients, which is to mix the glaze all the way through. So Tom’s doing it in layers here, starting off with the slightly more prominent tone, and then going into the light one, and around the front hairline. He’s done another at the root and then something else at the end.

It’s important for me to talk to the Passionistas about technique. So many salons tone with one thing. The way that I tone is about really looking at different dimensions in the colour. The lightening is the base, that’s where it starts and from there you can contour with a glaze.

“This is the Instagram blonde that all your clients bring in, lit with a right light, so it’s a heavier blonde on the end. With this blonde, as you flip through the hair, you get this real pale colour against her natural depth. That’s what I’m seeing with my clients, they really want that. But you need to be careful not to over colour; leaving those areas of darkness or natural base is so important.

“It’s super layered for that cool girl aesthetic that I think is eternal. That look just changes slightly with styling every season – she’s a macro trend, because it really is the style that’s defines certainly the last five years and I predict the next five years. That’s why it was really important for me to have her there.

“On the second look, I wanted to put that up. That’s because I’ve realised how important colour is on Instagram posts, that if you’re doing something like a braid or a twist, that’s what performs so well. Having that darker blonde with a paler colour through it so as you twist it, you get these amazing different pieces of colour and that brings the styling alive, that does so incredibly well on my feed.”

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