Salon owners and freelancers – are you paying yourself the right wage?

Boss Your Salon conducts huge financial survey to help set proper pricing

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Those running their own business often are the last ones being paid properly. Maddi Cook, founder of hair coaching business Boss Your Salon, is on a mission to help salon owners and freelancers set appropriate prices by helping the industry better understand what’s needed financially to keep a business growing. And she needs YOUR help to pull together the numbers!

She is conducting an industry-wide survey to highlight a common mistake made by many business owners, including freelancers. Non-client-facing work – such as admin tasks, stock control and content creation – is often overlooked when calculating the cost of running a business and can significantly impact overall turnover. Maddi believes that this error can result in sole traders and freelancers paying themselves less than the minimum wage.

“We want to gather solid evidence that clearly illustrates the difference between Actual Salary and Required Salary,” explained Maddie. “By understanding these core figures, we can collectively grow as an industry, set appropriate pricing and create sustainably successful businesses.”

Want to take part in the research? This is what you need to do:

Step One: access the Actual Salary Calculator, which helps you determine your current actual earnings.

Step Two: access the Required Salary Calculator, which focuses on calculating the necessary earnings to cover overhead costs and the cost of living.

The deadline for completing the research, and free access to the calculators, is 31 July.

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