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A brand new platform to offer you inspiration, education and collaboration at your fingertips, TIGI FUSE is at your disposal 24/7

Every story has trials that the hero (that’s you) must overcome. For many, learning to create hair which can be perfectly captured on camera can be a real stumbling block. Translating your 3D vision onto a 2D image is no mean feat – which is why the combination of imagery and education have always been at the creative heart of TIGI and the work of its founder, Anthony Mascolo.

TIGI’s story is underpinned by Anthony’s creative journey and desire to share both his work and that of his team with the world. In this instant digital era, so far away from the first instances of grainy video footage he recorded, Anthony believes it’s as important as ever to push forward with ongoing education.

Fuse is the next chapter to that tale. Recognising that not every salon has the opportunity, or time, to send team members to the TIGI Academies, FUSE has been created to provide an online platform to share information and inspiration. After all, you never know when an idea might strike you! An always-on hub of creative ideas, collaborations, news, informative material and inspiration, FUSE is regularly updated to balance both the heritage of TIGI and its boundary-breaking, forward-thinking creatives.

From exclusive films and behind-the-scenes footage to exclusive step-by-steps, FUSE allows TIGI artists to inspire and be inspired.

“FUSE is an ongoing story of our work that allows us to push what we do to the next level: collaborate with like-minded hairdressers, share insights and ideas, and keep hairdressers across the globe constantly informed.”

Anthony Mascolo,
TIGI founder and international artistic director

“This is an exciting project allowing us to bring our work to an even wider audience. I’m particularly excited to be able to show new techniques and inspiration to colourists, as well as see the past work Anthony has created.”

Christel Lundqvist,
TIGI global technical creative director

“FUSE allows us to share everything and reach more hairdressers. Whether it’s backstage, new cuts we’ve created in one of our academies, shoots we’ve done in our studio or out on the street, we’ll cover it all.”

Akos Bodi,
TIGI European creative director

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