‘INNOlove’ by Sophia Hilton

An ode to individuality and self-confidence, ‘INNOlove’ by Sophia Hilton highlights the diversity of the Not Another Salon client and the versatility of INNOluxe products across all hair types.

“One of the key things that inspired the collection was a term that we’d naturally adopted in and around the salon; INNOlove,” Sophia explains. “If a client needed that extra level of care, we’d say ‘Oh they need some INNOlove!’

“In terms of the hair, I wanted to show versatility. (Everyone’s) seen how INNOluxe works on vivid colour, but it’s not all about scalp bleach transformations! This collection shows you what else it can do. I really wanted this collection to stand out in a marketplace where everything looks very similar.”

“The term ‘INNOlove’ is really relevant to where we are as a society and how the world around us is changing and evolving,” Sophia adds. “As humans we’re now much more focused on self-love, loving ourselves for who we are and being authentic; we owe it to ourselves to live our lives as who we truly are. We deserve that.And so putting together the campaign, it was really important to show this with real people who have real stories. It needed to be a true celebration of individuality.

“This campaign is the opposite of the ‘pick a model out of a book and call it a day’ system that campaigns have demanded in the past. Each model was selected because of who they are, and how true to themselves they are in their day to day lives.”

Hair: Sophia Hilton and the Not Another Art Team for INNOluxe
Make-Up: Czar Joshua Ventura
Photography: Tony Le-Britton
Styling: Sofia Lazzari
Models:  @tugyibence he/him – @pollyellens she/her – @sansmelanin them/they – @ginaharrison she/her –
– @siuhei them/they – @maisiejanedaniels she/her


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