Instagram LIVE with TIGI’s Anthony Mascolo

Creative HEAD editor Amanda Nottage delved deep into the lockdown life of TIGI founder and international artistic director Anthony Mascolo in an expansive Instagram Live interview

Fresh from celebrating his birthday, industry legend and TIGI founder Anthony Mascolo sat down in his sunny kitchen for a wide-ranging interview with Creative HEAD editor, Amanda Nottage. “Normally I have a whole birthday week!” he  recalled wistfully, before the duo dived into a chat covering how he’s been spending lockdown and his very early days in the industry. You can watch the full interview on Instagram Live here.

“We’re all fuelled by being around people, so we’re all finding this pretty difficult I reckon!” he began, when asked about how he’s handling the lockdown.

“At first it was ‘what shall we do?’, trying to do so much and going a bit mad, but we need to create a routine and space things out. I like being able to communicate with our TIGI people and hairdressing community. There’s so many things going on, things we have to abide by, we’re just trying to make sure we’re all supporting each other but we need to support ourselves too.”

Even in terms of creativity, he was keen to emphasise the importance of staying connected with your fellow hairdressers. “My team has been together for many many years, so we immediately created something where we could talk to each other. Whatever we can do to help people feel connected to something… this is the perfect time for it,” he explained.

He’d made a conscious decision not to try and pump out content, instead focusing on the personal connections instead. “Let’s chat to everyone, talk to everyone and share memories and moments. The rest of the time is spent is spent re-organising and remembering how to do life.”

The pair touched on, the brand’s latest website and support structure even without the threat of COVID-19. “It is a part of the whole structure with how we were doing our shows, helping our partners to feel connected and part of the message. The priority, at this moment, is the hairdressing community. My role is to care for and look after our TIGI community,” he explained. “We’re going to continue with the messaging, virtually, because it’s important for people to feel connected. Everyone’s getting involved, the whole team, and they’re all very talented.”

TIGI Fuse, the brand’s databank of creative inspiration, is the perfect hub for all manner of hairdressers. It combines portfolios of imagery and step-by-steps, flashbacks to iconic looks and encourages artists to think outside the box: “It’s an archive, and we want people to go on there to be inspired. New hairdressers can learn, older hairdressers like me can go on and reminisce at the old stuff…” he added. The TIGI team are on-hand digitally as well, with a line-up of huge names taking over the TIGI Instagram regularly for Fuse Sessions.

Speaking of reminiscing, Amanda took things way back to Anthony’s early days in hairdressing. With the whole family in the industry, surely it was never in question he would join them? “I wanted to be an accountant as a kid,” he admitted, laughing. “God knows why! But from an early age I was in the salon with everyone, and from the age of 12-13, it was done, I didn’t have a choice. But I liked it, and the family camaraderie.”

Anthony did admit that the passion and joy that he’s particularly known for didn’t arrive all at once. “It didn’t really click until I was around 19 – before then it was just a job,” he mused. “There wasn’t one defining moment, but I was assisting with Bruno and he started doing all the magazines… Look Now, 19, people won’t remember those now, but they were great magazines! I was motivated and pushed by people like Robert Lobetta and Trevor Sorbie, doing amazing stuff and I wanted to be better than them – which was not possible at the time! Andrew Collinge is the same age as me, so I had good, healthy competition.”

Watch the full interview on the Creative HEAD Magazine IGTV here.