Interstellar artistry

Join the Pulp Riot Community as they get creative with the new Interstellar Collection. Get your notebook at the ready…

Pulp Riot’s Interstellar Collection is the new deposit-only addition to the Faction8 line. Expand your creativity with deposit-only colour that is designed for on-trend techniques, with an easy application, laser-focused placement and the ultimate, seamless blend with flawless shine.

To create your perfect masterpiece, the Interstellar Collection can also be mixed with the rest of Faction8, semis and high speed toners – the options really are endless! U.S artist Amanda Harshe also recommends using the range for colour corrections, and adding keeping colour fresh for white blondes. “I love toning my white blondes with the light grey 12-01, she explains. “The Interstellar Collection is also great for colour corrections – if your client hasn’t used Pulp Riot and you have that mint green tone in the hair that you can’t remove, I enjoy using 12-5 (Pink) to tone it out,” she added.

Top Tip!
For more pastel tones, change mixing ratio to 1:2 and process for 15 minutes.

The Pulp Riot Community are ready to inspire…


“Created using Pulp Riot Interstellar shades 12-4 & 12-11 melted together, mixed 2:1 with 6 Vol Pulp Riot developer and applied on wet hair. Used a reverse blend on both halves.”


Roots: 12-1, 12-2 & 6 vol, Mids: 12-5 & 6 vol, Ends: 12-01 & 6 vol, Money Piece: 12-5 into 12-01. Global application of just three colours – no foil or anything else needed!”

Interstellar is currently available at Salons Direct, Capital Hair & Beauty, & Alan Howard. In store and online. Be sure to also check out our Awesome FREE education offering! Direct message us on Instagram on or email us at pulprioteducation@loreal.comfor 1-1 Facetime Education with a pulp riot UK artist.


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