Introducing the Authentic Beauty Concept

Holistic, vegan, premium and co-created with a unique hairdresser collective: this is Authentic Beauty Concept

Are your clients looking for something more? Generation Z and Millennial customers have a wider philosophy, a desire for truth and authenticity. They eschew over-engineered formulations and retouched beauty imagery. They want carefully sourced, pure ingredients and honest, real imagery. They want to be part of something that matters…

Authentic Beauty Concept has been crafted for the client who wants to experience life in the now. Inspired by hairdressers, artisans and clients who share the same values, this hair range delivers pure formulas, celebrates a no-filter attitude and shines a spotlight on authentic hair. It’s natural and simple and grows with character.

Authentic Beauty Concept believes in pure ingredients from carefully selected origins, free from silicones, sulphates and parabens.

Authentic Beauty Concept believes in the honest artisan , building on empathy, experience and skills.

NB. – All formulas are vegan -friendly except Gritty Wax Paste & Shaping Cream, which contains beeswax and Amplify Mousse, which contains chitosan. Authentic Beauty Concept aims for these products to be vegan-friendly by the end of 2019.

Let’s be honest

Authentic Beauty Concept believes that what you leave out is as important as what you put in. Its care formulas are vegan and created with a ‘pure ingredients’ philosophy: no sulphates, silicones, mineral oils or artificial colourants. Purified ingredients powered by ultrasound decomposition and steam distillation; a gentle way of extracting natural ingredients.

From the date and cinnamon found in the GLOW range for coloured hair, to the mango and basil within the HYDRATE line-up for dry hair, Authentic Beauty Concept is fuelled by carefully selected and naturally-derived ingredients that help make using every product an olfactory treat. From the freshness of the green tea and line in AMPLIFY to the nutty sweetness of maple and pecan in REPLENISH, the scents for each line-up are perfectly blended.

With hair perfectly cared for, the Styling Assortment needs to deliver with just as much attention to detail and respect. The nine-strong range with myriad tantalising textures has a simple solution for every need, whether that’s building a brilliant base (Flawless Primer) or imparting a finishing gleam (Glow Touch).

In the salon, you can help bring out your client’s inner beauty through the In-Salon Momento Menu. A unique sensorial journey, this care and styling service menu helps you to deliver to your guests something they need – a true moment to themselves . Your clients want something real, honest and authentic. Share their values and make a difference with Authentic Beauty Concept.

Glow Cleanser

Moisturises hair, seals the cuticle and preserves colour too.

Amplify Conditioner

Leaves hair feeling thicker and full of body, as well as marvellously manageable.

Hydrate Cleansing Conditioner

Leaves hair stronger, with improved moisture levels and stunning shine.

Replenish Balm

Begin to fishtail braid the hair from just below the crown to the nape area. Secure with a small transparent hair band.


A salon exclusive treat to add to any mask – choose from Glow, Hydrate and Replenish.

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