Introducing The Teachings

A brand new video tutorial series that’ll help you deliver the looks your clients WANT

Want to update your skill set? Fancy shaking things up by trying a new approach? Or maybe you’re simply curious about how other hair professionals perfect their cool, commercial looks?

You can do all three from the comfort of your home, thanks to  Creative HEAD’s new and exclusive series of video tutorials – The Teachings.  Each demo concentrates on a different wearable, in-demand style, cut or colour – trust us, if your clients aren’t asking for these yet, they soon will be…

One thing these tutorials AREN’T is patronising. Each instalment may be called a ‘lesson’, but there’s no lecturing to be found here. Instead, each video has been crafted to help you pick up fresh inspiration and discover new ways of working by following the honed techniques of a fellow professional. To re-invigorate your passion for even the most basic of skills. Each artist shares nuggets of advice as well as transferable tips and words of wisdom as they work – all for your benefit.

You may think you’ve mastered the art of accessorising or could produce a beautiful balayage in your sleep… and to be honest, you likely have and probably could! But The Teachings will open your eyes to another way to work it.

It’s all about sharing – from one hair pro to another. Enjoy – and here’s to you, and your next happy client!

Check out Lesson One: The every-girl blow-dry with Stephanie Kocielski >