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You know why you should make your salon more sustainable, but here’s proof of how it can be done. Check out these salons who took action and made changes in three key areas in order to clean up their acts.

MAKE BETTER INTERIOR CHOICES like KH Hair, Adam Reed London and Wildflower
This can span everything from upcycled furniture and artwork, to energy-efficient shower heads, energy contracts and lighting.

Utilising natural light wherever possible and switching to LED lights elsewhere can actually make a big difference. “We updated all of our lighting, which was a big initial cost but will save money in the future and reduce our carbon footprint,” explains Debbie McMenam, salon director at KH Hair in Nottingham.

Adam Reed’s East London space is packed with carefully sourced vintage furniture that not only adds to the curated vibe, but enables pieces to have a second life. By displaying products and decor on repurposed apothecary cabinets, materials are not only saved from landfill, but new and less sustainable plastic interior elements (and their packaging) are removed from the waste equation. 

Adam has even given new life to some of his used hair extensions pieces, with a weft-based light fixture creating a major talking point in the salon!

A revamp needn’t cost the earth (figuratively) either. When she decided her space needed a design refresh, Danielle Garner of Wildflower in Dublin had chairs reupholstered rather than replaced and opted for homemade dried flower decor, with stunning results. 

REVIEW YOUR WASTE MANAGEMENT like The Social, Luvely and The Salon of Chi
A staggering five million tonnes of plastic are consumed each year in the UK, with 75 per cent of it then heading to landfill.

As well as thinking about the amount of plastic packaging you go through in your salon and considering refillable or reusable options, you can ramp up your recycling across the board by partnering with an organisation like the Green Salon Collective.

The Social in East London (pictured), Luvely in Dalkeith and The Salon of Chi in Henley on Thames are all members, and recycle everything from their used foils and food waste to hair clippings with the services the collective provide.

It’s simple to get started, works on a pay-as-you-go basis so there is no hefty upfront bill, and they provide both dedicated bins and boxes and scheduled collection from your salon premises when they’re full.

Instead of landfill, foils and metal colour tubes get cleaned, collated and compacted into cubes for recycling. During cleaning, the chemicals are prevented from entering waterways and are instead used to generate energy, hair cuttings are used to help clear up oil spills, and disposable towels get composted. Even traditionally tricky items like takeaway cups are accepted and recycled!

Edward & Co shelves filled with Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Clean Performance products
SWITCH UP YOUR PRODUCT PRACTICES like Edward & Co and En Route Hair

In 2022, going greener with your products – on all fronts; packaging, formulas and production – no longer involves compromise. The Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Clean Performance range offers you and your clients high performance results alongside clean formulations, and slots perfectly into both newly eco and established sustainable salon set ups.

For the owner of Edward & Co (pictured), Gary Taylor, it was all about maintaining the professional results clients were used to, with a new environmentally friendly twist.

“I really believe in the Clean Performance products,” he explains, “and I’ve been a UK Bonacure stockist for over 10 years… Yes, the range is vegan; planet sustainable; beautifully fragranced with plant and fruit extracts and really good when it comes to recycling; but what is also really important to me and my clients when it comes to the Clean Performance range is it works.”

“I’m also a massive believer in the ability to intermix the products,” Gary added. “It allows you to be more efficient and for the client to enjoy a personalised, tailored routine that fits their needs.”

Melenie Tudor from En Route Hair sees the Clean Performance range as the perfect fit for her eco-centred business. “Being able to offer them amazing products which are both great for their hair and the planet is a dream come true,” she said. “Not only are they incredibly high performing, but the new vegan complex and environmentally friendly credentials are everything we stand for (at En Route) and mirror our ethos perfectly.”


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