It’s a match

What makes a salon choose a brand partner? These businesses share why they switched and joined the loyal Redken tribe…

Rob Czlapka



“People are showing me a lot of American social media images as references, the majority of which were coloured with Redken so it seemed like the right time to transition over to the brand. The cost of products is also significantly less than our previous colour partner, which has boosted our cashflow dramatically. The support we get with Redken has been second to none – Redken is the first brand I have worked with in my many years of hairdressing that has made me feel appreciated. And Shades EQ has helped get my team motivated with colour again! It’s also brought down my colour spend due to how well the gel solution spreads through the hair – it’s amazing stuff.”

Ricky Walters



“Redken is a brand with a difference. Staying true to the vision of SALON64, I wanted to partner with like-minded individuals who are the experts in their field. Redken is constantly pushing boundaries in every way it can. There was also a huge demand from the SALON64 colour team to stock Shades EQ; I believe in listening to the experts I surround myself with. We select the best of what every brand has to offer and where other suppliers find this hard to understand, Redken loves our open-minded approach with an extremely understanding sales team.”

Jason Taylor



“We chose Redken because it is a premium brand that is well priced. It has a long history, good ethos and excellent ongoing training for staff as well as salon owners. Our last colour house wasn’t delivering on its training promises, and had a lack of customer care as its area reps kept changing. Redken helps us care for our clients’ hair through all aspects of the client journey – from backwash and treatments, to colour bonding, styling and finishing. The courses really help us to run our business and move forward, with new ideas and formulas that you would expect to come from a company that is in touch with its salons and clients – not just in the UK but globally, too.”

Corrado Tevere

RADIO London


“Being a Redken flagship salon we have a close relationship with the brand’s team. We have regular meetings to give them feedback. The development of Redken’s colour products is constantly evolving, allowing us to be more inventive with our colour techniques and this is what interests our clients. The development of the product range and Redken’s modern approach to hair colour is in line with our craft and ethos – services such as the new Flash Lift Express Blonde in-salon service mean we can cater to our clients’ time restraints – and in turn we have more services to offer.”

Leigharne Phillips

The Hair Business Of Cowbridge


“We have recommended Redken for many years, as an outstanding professional brand that never leaves the natural state of the hair compromised. Our loyalty is all down to the science and technology behind the brand – it has always stood out as a professional hairdressers’ product to go to and trust. I have always found that Redken has been on-hand when needed, and it provides excellent online and academy-based education. Every other year it holds the Redken Symposium in Las Vegas which is incredible. I would highly recommend any salon managers, team members or salon owners to go; it’s jammed with exciting education and it’s great to spend time with other like-minded and enthusiastic hairdressers from all over the world.”

Hannah Thomas



“I’m yet to find a brand better than Redken. In the 17 years I’ve worked with it, it’s constantly evolved to suit the market. I’m always excited to see what it is offering next – it consistently innovates with its product line and its support structure is second to none. Being a successful salon is not about volume of clients; it’s about creating a unique and positive experience, consistently. With every step I take in my business, Redken is there to support me, helping me to keep the team motivated and focused on the bigger picture.”

Sarah James

Kalon Salon


“Redken has changed the way I see hairdressing, and after all the education I have had, including the Redken certified hair colourist qualification, I can safely say I feel in control and have complete faith in the brand. I strongly believe I could not achieve a lot of the desired custom tones that are the latest trends without Shades EQ Gloss. The ability to customise and make your own colours with this product means you have a full palette to work with. The formulas are endless and with the kind of condition and longevity I haven’t seen in any other brand.”