It’s a passion project

When the shoot concept is “Doing it for the Gram”, you need stylists switched on to social and a mentor that knows how to get a buzz going

Zoë Irwin is no stranger to a trend, in fast she regularly makes them so. Liberty print braids, denim bows, accessory adorned updos, we’ve seen them crossing high profile feeds and scoring top notch press, so when we heard whispers of a colour menu using the latest Wella Professionals Illumina shades, we wanted in…and the rest is all a glaze.

But why stop there?

Authentic, talented, all over the insta, it was time to tap into an exclusive cadre of digitally-savvy stylists and colourists driven by a passion for hair – the Wella Professionals Passionistas. A network of more than 300 talented individuals across more than 40 countries, with the UK home to the biggest Passionista pool of all. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and the rewards are jaw-dropping: first looks at new product launches, access to inspirational events (hello TrendVision!) and the chance to join career-changing initiatives hosted by some of Wella’s biggest names…oh,  like say, a Creative HEAD cover shoot with Zoë Irwin?

So, with a leading lady at the helm, challenging three rising stars to deliver the kind of hair clients will covet and beauty editors will want to write about, coupled with innovative colour, we knew to expect exciting things…

“Being a mentor drives me to succeed more. Running projects for the Wella Professionals Passionistas encourages me to look for more inspiration – I get as much from it as they do! The challenge is to open their eyes to something they haven’t seen, it’s an incredible privilege. The mentor’s job is to help shape colourists for the future, it’s important for the industry but also really fun!”
– Zoë Irwin @zoeirwinhair