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Discover the big benefits of going digital with Vagaro

Meraki salon using Vagaro software

Acquiring new customers encourages business growth for your salon. But if you’re using a physical diary to track and make appointments, you’re limiting your business potential. No one wants to jump through hoops to accomplish a simple task. Clients, especially new ones, do not want to play phone tag or scour the Internet to try and find where they can book with you. And you’d likely much rather focus on the customers in front of you instead of spending time scheduling appointments. So, why not make your job easier and increase the level of convenience for your customers at the same time?

Once you’ve gone digital, your diary will always update in real-time, complete with automated reminders so you never miss another appointment again. Managing your clients will also get a whole lot easier. Getting your returning clients’ custom hair colour just right is great, but only if you haven’t lost the notes where you jotted down their special formula last time. Salon management software allows you to easily access and save important client information and notes, so you’ll get it just right, every time.

Plus, who has the time to keep track of all the business numbers like expenses, profits, and losses by hand? Digitising your business means you can store and access all revenue, product, inventory, and additional reports at the click of a button.

But let’s be honest, integrating new technology into your small business may seem like a hassle, and an unnecessary one at that. The benefits of using small business tech far outweigh the initial transition from using pen and paper to digital tools. Plus, if you choose the right technology, making the switch can be easy, even for non-techies. With Vagaro, you get free imports to get started and the team offer extensive training through live webinars and a responsive customer service team.

A Better Business, Your Way

No matter what size your salon business is, Vagaro believe it should be run on your terms. When you subscribe, you get access to the most comprehensive set of features for only £30 a month. If you find you need more, they’ve got you covered.

The unique à la carte model lets you pick and choose which features will benefit your business. Instead of telling you which features you need, you decide. And because they scale with your business, Vagaro is by your side all the way, whether you’re a solopreneur, an enterprise, or anywhere in between.



Make 2023 the best year for your business when you use Vagaro! Sign up for a free 30-day trial to see how you can create a better business, your way!