Why I chose this look
“I wanted to showcase the inclusivity of the punk era that we don’t always see in the mainstream. I also wanted to incorporate a few techniques that I thought would be interesting for the audience to see me create, including crochet and cane-row braids. I really went in with the ‘wow factor’ by ultimately cutting the braids short, and this helped to show how in the session world looks have to change quickly and dramatically.” 

My references
“Both my looks were inspired by the punk era and incorporated jewellery, which is really on trend at the minute. Bobs have also been popping up on every trend list, so I incorporated this in my final result. I think it’s so important to realise that these looks can be created on all hair types.”

The creative process
“I used a hairdryer and a round brush, and then ran a straightener through the lengths to completely smooth the hair before styling. Importantly, I used a heat protection spray and a scalp oil to maintain hair shine, health and moisture.

“Next, I cane-rowed the hair away from the face towards the crown and began attaching crochet braids, using a blanket stitch so that they would be easily removed later. Once the braids were secured, I added hair accessories in the form of hoops and jewels. To finish, I created a dramatic bob – cutting off the length of the braids to achieve a more fearless punk feel and unravelling the ends to add texture and body. Hairspray and shine spray were applied to add polish.”

What I love most about this look
“I love the extreme change from long to short and also the end result of using hair jewellery. It would usually look so feminine, but in this case, it provides a strong finish that exudes power and strength.”

Kit list
BaByliss PRO Italiabrava hairdryer
BaByliss PRO Prima 3000 straightener
Heat protection spray
Scalp oil
Shine spray
Jewelled hair acessories
Hair rings