Join the healthier hairdressing revolution

Nothing should suffer for beauty. Not the animals. Not the world. Not you or your clients. Join Organic Colour Systems in helping to save the planet, one appointment at a time…

When it comes to fighting the impact of global warming, no single salon team or hairstylist can do it alone. While saving the planet is a global mission, inside each and every salon space every little really does help to reduce waste and support a hair revolution.

Being green has been at the forefront of Organic Colour Systems since its origins, with waste reduction being a core driver for the brand since day one. On a mission to lead a healthier hair revolution, Organic Colour Systems has long been paving the way with sustainable options for salons – from environmentally friendly retail options to fully recyclable packaging and much, much more…

“If I get my way, we’ll eventually have a closed loop recycling system with our bottles returned directly to us,” Raoul says. “They would then become the PCR pellets our bottles are made from. This level of traceability would see us in total control of our packaging; we’d know it’s not ending up in landfills.”Organic Colour Systems founder and Managing Director, Raoul Perfitt

From production to final product, every step of the process has been carefully thought out by Organic Colour Systems. Every bottle is fully recyclable, with ethically sourced ingredients used in every product. As a UK based manufacturer, no air miles are involved for delivery to UK salons, with paper tape and recycled card used for packaging deliveries in the dispatch department.

And it doesn’t stop there! The brand also offer Eco Towels which are biodegradable and save on electricity and water, as well as Thermal Booster Hats as an alternative to electric heated appliances. Some salons even reuse the product bottles as planters, taking being green to a whole new level.

Refilling stations, recycling options and solutions for reducing packaging waste – there are many ways Organic Colour Systems can support your sustainable mission in the salon. Their system allows you to do everything that you normally do, but more naturally, ethically, without damage and without compromising on performance.

Ready to join the revolution?
Here are just some of the ways you and your salon can be involved…

How to master retail refills in-salon

When using 900ml bottles to refill, record the product’s batch number on your client’s records to ensure product traceability. It’s also important to check that the refilled bottle’s label is legible, including all required warnings, instructions and other legal information.

Only wash refill bottles out if you can use a dishwasher that runs at 60 degrees centigrade or 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Alternatively, use boiling water. Do not wash with tap water. To avoid bacterial contamination unwashed bottles should not be refilled more than 3 times.

Ways to reduce packaging waste in salon 

Always encourage the sale of 900ml bottles where possible, as the pump can be reused for many years, giving clients the option to refill their smaller size bottles and contains at home.

Remember to sell Volume Refill to returning Volume clients. It’s not only cheaper for them to purchase, but it stops the pump from the original bottle (the only part of the packaging that is not recyclable) being thrown into landfill.

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