Jośe Domene: My Take On… Botticelli Waves

by | 9 May 2022

Botticelli Waves Tile

When Kaia Gerber rocked up to the Met Gala red carpet with a literal mane of long Renaissance curls, she cemented the Botticelli or ruffle wave as the style du jour. HARE & BONE Art Team member, Jośe Domene shares his take on steadfast the classic.

“The inspiration came from the work of the Italian painter, Sandro Botticelli, in particular his mythological piece, Primavera. The hair in this painting is classic of the renaissance period, and I wanted to create something that worked for today. Bella, Gigi and Donatella take it to a new level in the Versace SS22 campaign. It is a wearable style, that shows an appreciation for art and fashion.

Botticelli waves are going to be the styling trend for the summer, and I am here for it! You will need sea salt spray or thickening spray, a large flat iron, medium tong/wand, a three barrel waver, flat clips, a tale comb, a flat brush and hairdryer. Using the tale comb create a middle parting, then taking a brush and hairdryer, create a smooth, flat area from the root to mid lengths. 


“Then take a large section around the sides and nape area creating several loose three-strand braids. Using the 3 barrel waver (or flat irons) heat the braids to help secure the style. 

“Along the parting create an S wave, bend a section of hair and feed it through the flat iron whilst you open and close them in a quick tapping motion to apply gentle heat.

“Once the hair has cooled, start to undo the braided sections. Then take a wide tooth comb to separate the hair and define with tongs where needed. Finish with a sea salt spray for added texture. 

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