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In a special shoot – produced in partnership with Wella Professionals – Creative HEAD and colourist Robert Eaton explore how expert grey toning can help restore harmony between cut and colour.

“It took me a long time to decide to go grey and none of my family agreed with my decision at first.

“When I began to consider it, I was 40-something and not actually fully grey, but back then nobody in my age group was really letting their hair grey hair show in public. It wasn’t ‘taboo’ as such, but it just wasn’t the done thing.

For years and years, my family all kept saying to me ‘It’s not the right time,’ but one day I just woke up and thought: ‘Enough of the hesitation, I’m doing it’… and that was four years ago now!

“My grey hair is definitely part of my identity. I feel really happy I made the decision to grow it out and I know people are looking at it in a good way.

“I feel comfortable and confident in myself and the compliments I received prove it too – I haven’t gone one day without someone telling me: ‘I love your hair!’

“I can’t see myself ever going back and dying my hair to try and match my previous dark colour again.”

Every grey tells a story. Personality, dimension and contrast – it’s a colour with as many facets as the woman who sports it. And you need to be proactive and really wear grey, rather than letting grey wear you.

Taking the plunge and throwing off the shackles of grey cover up is a brave move – a bold move – and an agreement with yourself that you’re going to step into the silver spotlight and own it.

That confidence, particularly at an age where many women feel they are being forced into the shadows, can be bolstered by a defined shade set that compliments skin tone, cut and character. As a colourist, it’s down to you to take your clients hand and help those tones sing.

“Sue is a perfect example of somebody that the grey blending opportunities that True Grey provides is designed for,” says Robert. “She has a cut that she loves and looks great on her, but the panels of grey weren’t working in harmony with its shape.

“We worked with several tones to actually put a bit more depth back into the hair. As Sue’s hair texture is quite strong, this coarseness was emphasised as it went grey and white, so we decided to soften it with pigments, which in turn made it much more manageable as well.

“We used three different True Grey shades across Sue’s hair, starting with the Light Graphite Shimmer toner through one side of the haircut, and then the Dark Graphite Shimmer toner on the other.

“I then did a global application of the Medium Graphite Shimmer Toner and combed it through to unify everything and soften the transition between the tones just a little.

“The resulting look is quite a transferable hairstyle” Robert adds. “It can be moved around, swept in different directions and there’s lots of versatility with the shape.

“What it enables Sue to do is create different looks, but on the same head of hair.”



Up to the crown, and a top section slice –
True Grey Graphite Shimmer Toner Dark + Activator (mixed 1:1)
From the crown forwards –
True Grey Graphite Shimmer Toner Light + Activator (mixed 1:1)
Final global application –
True Grey Graphite Shimmer Toner Medium + Activator (mixed 1:1)



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