Ky’s eye view

Before the doors to the #badsalon swung open, Ky’s own video crew documented the set build and anticipation build-up. Hit play to go behind the scenes

Videographer: Harrison Giles at Tanzaro

Plus, Ky reveals the bits that didn’t make it…

A ‘scents’ of place
“I originally wanted the whole place to smell of ammonia,” Ky explained. “I don’t think that would have complied with health and safety though!”

For ducks’ sake
“At Dismaland, Banksy had a hook-a-duck fairground game, where the ducks were floating in what was meant to be an oil slick. I wanted to recreate that,” Ky revealed, “but when people saved the duck, they’d then wipe it with a disposable, biodegradable towel and then be handed a bundle of wrapped-up hair. The idea would be that they’d put that hair in the ‘oil’ to help clear the pollution, while also recycling the hairdressing waste.

“In Australia and America there are schemes that sell bundles of hair and extensions to oil companies when there is a spillage to help minimise the environmental impact.” he added. “In the end, this particular installation ended up being too costly and time-consuming, but I’d like to make it a reality in the future.”

The ending
“The monologue audio was meant to be played to guests as soon as they left the #badsalon area,” said Ky. “The plan was they’d get their jacket and then be pushed into this little room on their own. The room was going to be soundproofed and blacked out in a little bit of an artistic way, and they would be instructed to put these headphones on so that they were very much isolated with just their thoughts.

“As soon as they pressed play, they’d hear this bellowing deep voice that was recognisable and be like: ‘How the f*ck has he got this?'” he added. “They’d listen to my thoughts being read out and then go through to the other installations. Basically, we were worried we’d end up with such a backlog of people queuing for this room, that we just decided to have it as part of the main installation room. And the reason why I got it printed on the wall is because I know there’s a lot of people that still didn’t get to listen to it.”