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Clients look to you for help combating hair loss concerns. Get Revlon Professional RE/START Density and fight the good fight

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Hair in the sink, hair on the floor, hair on the brush – if your clients are coming to you with questions about their increased hair loss and diminished thickness, it’s important to meet the problem head-on. Having answers, and solutions, primed and ready for your clients’ desperate queries will help to settle them and add another layer of trust to your relationship.

Revlon Professional has introduced a new range to combat hair loss: RE/START Density. Featuring exclusive Kerabiotic 3Force technology, the collection takes a two-pronged approach to ensuring hair remains strong and vital. The products combine the worlds of skincare and haircare science to create products that help to balance the scalp microbiome, soothing and protecting the scalp.

Biopeptides formed of biotin, apigenin and oleanolic acid help to fortify the structure of hair shafts and strengthen brittle lengths to help prevent breakage and loss. Fortifying molecules are then able to penetrate the hair fibre and optimise bonds.

Growing strong, healthy hair starts with the scalp. This new range from Revlon Professional is formulated with skincare ingredients and fortifying molecules, which help balance the scalp and strengthen hair structure from the inside. This means that the hair is strong from the start, which helps breakage.Paul Falltrick, Revlon Professional ambassador

RE/START Density helps to reduce hair loss and improve strength for 92 per cent more resistance to hair fall*

Root to tip relief


Formulated with skincare ingredients and fortifying molecules, this shampoo balances the scalp and strengthens hair structure from within to reduce hair fall**


This uses fortifying molecules to restore and support hair from the inside. Prevents hair fall,** smooths and revitalises brittle hair


Combines skincare ingredients that balance the scalp microbiome and multi- functional ingredients to reduce hair loss and maintain density. An ideal in-salon treatment


The homecare partner to the Professional Vials, this handy spray also uses those skincare ingredients to soothe the scalp and preserve hair density

*When combining RE/START Density Shampoo and Conditioner
**Breakage due to brush


Provide a shield against your clients’ hair loss and hair density concerns with the Revlon Professional RE/START Density collection. For more information, visit revlonproshop.com or call 020 7391 7440. For stockist enquiries, email customerservice.uk@revlon.com

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