Level Up to Master Colour Expert

Master Colour Expert is the programme to invest in if you’re looking to genuinely transform your colour career.

Thousands of colourists across the world have undertaken this course to grow their technical skills and business know-how. It’s akin to university, with complete immersion and training in every aspect of colour, and the resulting certificate will pay dividends. Over six to nine months you attend a course of face-to-face sessions with top educators, supported by the innovative eEducation online platform.

You need a minimum five years of colour experience and to have completed the Colour Craft Essential, Colour Craft Corrective and Creative & Freehand Colouring courses. But the results speak for themselves…

“The MCE programme gave me the skills and confidence to further develop my colour technique. I initially trained with Sassoon as a precision cutter, but the in-depth training in colour delivered by Wella experts was invaluable to me. It provided the grounding for me to set up my own salon three years ago which is now noted as a ‘go-to’ and award-winning salon in central Manchester for all aspects of colour work”  – Melissa Timperley, Melissa Timperley Salons


“Master Colour Expert highlighted to me the missing piece of the jigsaw to back up the title of a professional hairdresser. The importance of the programme in a hairdressing career cannot be underestimated, your hairdressing journey is simply not complete without this quali cation. For this reason we redesigned our whole in-house education colour training structure for our apprentices, who are trained to a very high standard in our salon academy” – Patrick Gildea, Partick Gildea Hairdressing

Are you ready to level up your colour career? Call our London (020 3650 4700) or Manchester (0161 8342645) studio to find out more.

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