Life Advice with Louis Byrne: Journaling

by | 7 Jul 2022

Struggling to make wellbeing a priority while working a busy column? Celebrity hairdresser Louis Byrne shares his top journaling advice

When it comes to working on yourself and truly making your own wellbeing a priority, it’s a marathon not a sprint. With concepts like manifestation, journaling, and vision boards rising in popularity, it’s easy to get caught up in the noise without truly focusing on the purpose. Before racing ahead and falling at the first hurdle, it’s vital to truly understand the why in order to benefit from the exercises. 

Thankfully, the founder of I can I am and I Will, Louis Byrne, is here to help you on your wellbeing journey. Each month Louis will be sharing invaluable insight on key methods for self-discovery, debunking the myths around mental health and helping YOU begin a better tomorrow. So, before you reach for the pen and paper, find out his take on journaling and how best to make the practice stick longterm. 

“Do you find yourself making the same bad choices for yourself? Ending up in situations that simply are not working but your there again!  These are called behaviour cycles, and the easiest way to look at what is really going on with you in to monitor it, as they say seeing is believing.

One of the most effective ways of understanding these behaviour cycles, in my experience, is journaling. It is a powerful route to self-discovery and through it you can:

  • Create positive routine and habits — little effort of positive behaviour daily, helps create a bigger happier picture.
  • Stay in the present moment — Take it one day at a time to freely and honestly express yourself.
  • Keep it simple — It’s not a novel, just some rough notes will do the job. Don’t over-think it, go with the immediate thoughts. 
  • Get started — Usually this is the hardest thing to do, those fearful thoughts creep in. Fear likes to hold us in a place that its known rather than the unknown. Give it a go!

My introduction to journaling was in 2017, when my life was seriously imploding. It was a mess – I had just lost my job with Ellie Goulding, my marriage had broken down and my Dad and Aunty Val, another very significant person in my life, had passed away. I guess I was on self-destruct, and I just couldn’t see how to make my way through. I would start to feel a bit better and the cycle of destruction would happen again.

My best friend bought me a journal. The therapist I see recommended writing everything out, as a way to clearly see what was happening and calm the confusion and delusion.

More than anything else, I want to encourage others to find their true positive and best selves – hopefully through journaling.  To help get you started, I’ve created my ICIAIW empowerment and identity movement. You can find the journal to start your own journey here.”
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