Life advice with Louis Byrne: Nutrition

by | 7 Oct 2022

Constantly caught up in the easiness of junk food and sugar? Louis Byrne shares his food for fuel advice

With more and more of us striving to live more sustainably, we’ve seen a large rise in lifestyle changes, such as switching to do a vegan diet. While diet culture has always been at the forefront when people think about eating well and eating ‘right’, what often gets overlooked is just substituting elements of your diet with more nutrition, rather than cutting out the quantity of food you eat.

As part of his monthly series with Creative HEAD, this month Louis Byrne is turning his attention to nutrition, discussing his own experience of tackling his relationship with food to benefit his body. In collaboration with expert nutritionist, Jo Meadows, Louis has reflected on his eating-habit history and shared some useful things he learned as he recovered from the damage he was doing to his mind and body.

“I’ve been a hairdresser since I let School at 16, working long, hard salon hours; feeding myself on fast food by using sugar as a stimulant to get through the days,” he says.

Louis recalls his wilder days in 2016 that were additionally filled with alcohol and substance use, subsequently leading him to a mentally dark place, on the verge of a breakdown and coming to a realisation that his concentration and perceptions had strayed.

“I was lucky enough to go to Body Camp, a plant-based mind and body retreat for a weeklong experience that really helped change my trajectory. I turned up to body camp on the end of a heavy session and it was here I started to change my mindset towards foods. I saw first-hand the benefits of wellbeing and feelings that hadn’t been chemically enhanced, I felt fresh, and I am the first ever certified body camp triple champion!”

It opened my eyes to my inner strength, and I gained clarity in feeding my body correctly, to thrive. Taking time to understand how we function as humans and looking at food for fuel helps to understand the negative impacts of things like sugar. It’s hard to break the cycle, but I recommend making informed, conscious choices.

Flip the fear and feed your body and mind. Some of the most important things to consider are:

  • Reframing your thoughts: start to think as food for fuel and power. You will notice the shift in your wellbeing, energy, and performance.
  • Substitute fizzy drinks for water. There are 39 grams of sugar in one can of fizzy drink! I heard this analogy from Dr Wayne Dyer: For anyone that has used substances, imagine 39 grams and consuming that in one go – I’d say good luck!
  • Fill up on the good stuff. Add a power smoothie to your daily eating routine to pack in that nutrition. My favourite simple recipe is: one Banana with half an avocado, a hand full of spinach leaves, blueberries, and oats, plus three florets of broccoli blended with oat milk. I add a scoop of protein powder when I’m training my body.
  • Cook with LOVE! Experiment in the kitchen! Have fun, make it a pleasure not a task, and express yourself. We are all capable of cooking up a storm if we put in the time and effort but that’s growth. The best way to control what goes into your body is by doing it yourself.
  • Spend a week monitoring your consumption by writing it down. Use your journal to document what you put inside your body, and how that makes you feel. Remember that you have made every choice for yourself to lead to where you are today. Is it time you finally took control?

And that is exactly what Louis did! The benefits have been evident in his wellbeing, lifestyle, and mindset. It’s important to give yourself this mental clarity in every way you can, particularly when your career can be so demanding and become overwhelming. Your salon experience provides all the best treatment for your clients, now it’s your turn to give yourself the right treatment, starting with nutrition!

Nutritionist Jo Meadow continued to study and specialise in ‘evidenced based nutrition’ after qualifying as a nutritional therapist. If you want to delve deeper into the world of nutrition, you can also find a supporting piece from Jo, from her work with Louis. Gain more tips and insight into how you can better your nutritional health.

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