In an Instagram Live with Creative HEAD editor Amanda Nottage, session stylist legend Guido reveals the end of his 15 year relationship with Redken

Speaking from his New York apartment, iconic session stylist Guido Palau told Creative HEAD editor, Amanda Nottage, that his 15 year relationship with Redken, where he was global creative director, has come to an end. the news came as he was wrapping up an Instagram Live chat with Creative HEAD where he talked about working in Milan and Paris as the Coronavirus crisis hit, the potential impact that will have on fashion and hair, finding his niche in the world of session and lots more – you can watch the full conversation here.

“I’m not affiliated with a brand anymore. After 15 years, our partnership has moved on,” he revealed to Amanda. “I’m looking forward to new adventures, new things hat might come my way. I’m open to new ideas and new projects. Maybe even do my own product, I’m not sure.”

Across that 15 year relationship, Guido used Redken as he styled an incredible roster of fashion shows across all four main Fashion Week cities, with collaborations including Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Versace and Alexander McQueen, to name but a few.

Guido was also involved in helping new product development in the Redken labs, feeding back experience from styling at fashion’s frontline to help the creation of Redken favourites such as No Blow Dry, an air-drying cream that was influenced by emerging trends from Fashion Week as more shows and stylists embraced each model’s individual natural texture.