Louis Byrne shares how he has tackled head-on the previous gloomy months and put the power of mindset, mantra and manifestation into action

Louis Byrne and Paloma Faith

Continuously revisiting his wellbeing journal and actively working through his reset programme, Louis has taken the time to explore his feelings and understand his emotions in order to make informed choices in his day-to-day life. 


“Mindset is how you see things, your opinions and beliefs, and these are often formed through conditioning: upbringing, education, family and values. 

It’s often easier said than done, but acknowledging and practicing gratitude can help to make a positive impact on your mindset. Gratitude boosts the immune system and improves mental health by encouraging positive feelings and increases optimism.”

Louis Byrne Kai Isaiah Jamal Gay Times
Louis Byrne Tove Lo Gay Times


“A life mantra is a phrase that is repeated on a regular basis, in order to help shift your mindset. It can be used as part of meditation practice or simply by reciting it daily if you’re needing the boost. 

A mantra can ease an anxious mind as it allows your attention to focus on a positive message. Practicing mantras can be an effective way of changing your habits and you can also access heightened levels of awareness that sharpen focus and attention.” 


“Thoughts matter, and they may shape your feelings, actions, and even experiences. The key parts of manifestation are a combination of intention and attention. Manifesting is believed to increase motivation to reach your goals and remain in a positive mental state. 

In my own experience, practicing healthy habits on a daily basis has impacted myself and my work over the last four months. We are all a work in progress and life isn’t linear, we have ups and downs. By using my wellbeing journal to write my thoughts and declutter my mind, I’m able to navigate this. The important thing is that I have the tools in my toolbox to deal with my lows and I realise that I can shift my perspective.”   

Louis Byrne Tanmay
Louis Byrne Tanmay
Louis Byrne Tanmay
My previous manifestations: 


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DJ’ing – I played a motivation disco set at the Hair and Beauty Charity summer party at Egg London nightclub. 

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Tanmay Collaboration ICIAIW – my new collaboration with artist and designer Tanmay Saxena founder of clothing brand LaneFortyFive. 

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