Lighter locks, lighter conscience

A trio of weDo/ solid shampoo bars

Great hair needn’t cost The Earth

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. You can bet it’s already at the forefront of your clients’ minds and their daily decision-making, meaning there’s never been a better time to provide greener product options in salon.

Encourage your guests to minimise plastic waste and free up shower space by making the swap to weDo/ shampoo bars. Solid shampoo technology has come a long way, and unlike waxy and harsh bars of old, this professional quality range is non-moisture sapping and features specific formulas tailored to different hair needs. The Light & Soft No Plastic Shampoo Bar has been developed especially for normal to fine hair types, cleansing without stripping the scalp and leaving lengths soft without weighing them down.

  • Infused with organic olive oil and natural mineral green clay, the bar is Vegan Society & Cruelty Free International approved and is made with 99.8% biodegradable ingredients*
  • The minimalist formula is free from sulphates, silicones and artificial dyes, and is suitable for coloured hair
  • One shampoo bar lasts up to 80 washes, meaning it can last as long as three 300ml shampoo bottles**
  • Each bar is packaged in a recyclable FSC Certified Cardboard box made from 100% recycled material
  • Bars can be kept in compact and convenient, responsibly-sourced bamboo holders for hygienic and easy storage

In addition to being an in-demand and conscious retail option, if you’re looking for ways to minimise your salon’s environmental impact, the backwash is a great place to start. Using weDo/ bars during washes is a great way to start a conversation about sustainability and to convert casual chat into all-important product sales!

For more information about the weDo/ line and becoming a stockist, visit

*Based on the mass of ingredients that are relevant for biodegradation and when disposed in a sewer connect to a wastewater treatment plant
**Compared to 300ml weDo/ shampoo bottle

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