Lights. Camera. PASSION!

Three Wella Professionals Passionistas. One Wella Professionals UK colour trend expert. Three cover-ready models. An army of make-up artists, photographers, videographers and stylists… and authentic results that illustrate the beauty of glazing colour. Our April cover was a shoot with a difference and it gave us insta feels

Scroll through the ‘Gram, pour over the beauty pages of the leading fashion titles, and you will see one name quoted repeatedly. Zoë Irwin, Wella Professionals UK colour trend expert, has earned a reputation as THE eye of the season (and the season beyond that), able to spot a trend before it takes hold across the beauty landscape. So you know if she’s talking trend, you need to listen. Using new shades from Wella Professionals Illumina Color, she’s crafted a #glazing menu that will be The Next Big Thing trending on social media…

The secret? Well, Zoë never lets any lightened client leave her chair without her signature glaze, a diluted wash of colour that picks up on any pre-lightened areas of the hair and adds an authentic glow that makes skin sing and brings colour to life. “My clients are obsessed with youthful effects,” she admits, “and that is only achieved when glazing with Illumina Color after lightening with Blondor.”

And that’s why Zoë has channelled her love of Illumina Color into creating blonde glazing looks for Wella Professionals. “It’s my absolute favourite product for glazing and creates natural, sheer and luminous hair colour with a soft, diffused look,” she explains. The glaze makes hair look expensive, chic, premium. Who wouldn’t love a little of that in their life?

But for this shoot, Zoë isn’t operating alone. Prepping looks that will earn all the Likes on Insta, she wanted a crew of colour obsessives that have their fingers firmly on the pulse, and are kicking up a storm on social media. They know how to work that camera, they’re bringing their own unique sense of style to every post, and they want to ensure every client looks the very best they can. That’s why Zoë welcomed this trio of Passionistas onto the set. Who better to gather together and collaborate on a shoot that’s all about ‘doing it for the Gram’, showcasing colour that needs absolutely no filter. What’s in store is authentic and raw.

Great colour is often down to the formula. Pure innovation + red hot hairdressing skills + Illumina Color = amazing glazing!

Zoë Irwin on… why salons are having such a toning moment

“The toning moment is happening simply because of the client. I mean, in all honesty, clients are demanding it, and so we’re led by images that they’re bringing in, more images than ever. Because, it’s easier to bring in a phone where they’ve perhaps got 10 images, and most of those images are tones.

“Lightening hair is stage one; you’re creating a base. But when you tone it, you’re taking it into a new place. Bleached hair tends to have more of a rawness to it, whereas toned hair has a beauty to it, a quality where you can take it very, very cool and very flat and very ash, or you can take it peachy or pinky. It has this incredible ability to go so many different ways but it also has a brightness because you’re illuminating first. When you’re lightening hair, you’re taking it mostly partially yellow, or to a pale yellow, which means that when it’s toned it keeps this incredible clarity. It’s something that often a high lift blonde tint sits alongside but can’t replace.

“A decade ago, a lot of clients wanted higher lift tints but now they’re demanding the pop of light, this kind of luminosity that you get through lightening and then toning. There’s been such a massive development in innovation too. Now we have Wellaplex, which supports the hair’s structure and the keratin. We were not in that place technically as colourists a decade ago! Also colour education on that has been huge, so how we approach it is very different. Having knowledge on lightening and how we play with tones is totally different.”

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