In The Bag – Lisa Farrall

by | 28 Apr 2022

“My kit bag is endless and I always want to be prepared whether thats ensuring I have have enough wigs, products or hair pieces and extensions,” says Lisa Farrall, Most Wanted 2021 Texture Expert, session stylist, educator and founder of WIG London. “I’ve learnt to pack key essentials so I can make anything anywhere, because the brief can change last minute or it simply doesn’t work. When you’re I the middle of a field, what are you going to do? Improvise! Thats why it’s so important to keep cool and calm under pressure.” 


The Kit Bags

“I have a mixture of Burton bags and hard shell cases. Previously, I wanted all of my bags to be branded and a matching set, but after a few flights you just want the contents to be safe! On my last job in Mexico, I had to replace my cases before flying home so it’s important the contents are super organised and well packed.” 


Paulo Santa stick from session stylist and educatorLisa Farrall

The Vibe

“Creating a positive space is essential! I have a Paulo Santa stick I burn before setting up just to clear the energy and space. I use a fan or my assistant does to ensure we don’t set off any alarms and we are good to go!”


YSPark and Cloud Nine combs from session stylist and educator Lisa Farrall

Combs and Kit

“YS Park are my favourite combs along with the Cloud Nine texture comb. My go to texture tools are my wide tooth comb and afro pik to help define curls and give body to the root. I also carry chop sticks, they’re great for taming flyaways with some hairspray!

YSPark and Cloud session stylist and educator Lisa Farrall and assistant Lindsey


Matrix is my dream kit bag brand and I never go anywhere without a stash. I have a set bag from Wall which is normally glued to my first assistant Lindsey Murphy. Packed with essentials from hairspray, combs, clips, grips, elastic and bands; if you see me you’ll always see Lindsey with this bag! My favourites are Matrix Style Link Volume Fixer hairspray, Height Riser powder and Mega Varnish shine serum.

Colour kit from session stylist and educator Lisa Farrall

Colour on the go

“I always have Matrix Socolor Cult in my kit too for last minute wig colour changes. Combined with foil, bowl, brush and spatular i’m basically a walking salon. I’m also obsessed with Kroylan Colour Sprays for quick punky colour changes.” 

Wig kit from session stylist and educator Lisa Farrall

Wigs and Extensions

“You have to reuse, remake and re-colour hair a lot of the time on-set, so starting off with high quality hair is essential. I source all my wigs direct from WIG London. Having the options of wigs and hair pieces can change the whole feel of the shoot and help you to adapt quickly. On so many shoots the brief has been long flowing hair or something extreme and the models come in with a crop of frazzled hair from fashion week so back ups are essential. My Wig bag comes everywhere with me! It has wig elastic, glue, remover, needles, thread, caps, alcohol remover and make-up – everything for a wig, weave and anything in-between.”

Wardrobe essentials from session stylist and educator Lisa Farrall

The Essentials

“Sunglasses and big coat, thermals because you don’t want to get caught out at a night shoot, believe me I have and its not fun! I’ve also been known to get in water, but i’m yet to pack a swimsuit!

The Body – water, sanitiser, Berocca after travel and a full fat Coke for the last day when we all need the energy!

The Mind – Sharpie, notebook and laptop to stay super organised and edit treatments on the go

The Random One – Tape to secure products, to write on your kit, to label master kit if you’re with a new team, my assistant Linsey and I never travel without it!”


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