Live from LFW – Piers Atkinson S/S17


The show: Piers Atkinson
The hair: Sam Burnett for KMS
The inspiration: Artificial beauty enhancements and over the top self-indulgence, all fused with a farmyard vibe. “There’s a combination of oversized bunches, sleeked-back hair, afros and exaggerated shapes that give a nod to the ‘This Little Piggy’ theme,” explained Sam. “I’ve intentionally created artificial shine to give a Plastic Fantastic feeling.”
The details:  For the sleek look, hair was prepped with KMS California MOISTREPAIR Leave-in Conditioner, while TAMEFRIZZ Smoothing Lotion was applied from the mid-lengths to the ends. Hair was then blow-dried using a round bristle brush, making sure the air flow was directed down for extra shine. Straighteners were run through the hair, followed with a spritz of HAIRSTAY Anti-Humidity Seal for added shine. To enhance that look even further, Sam finished with TAMEFRIZZ De-Frizz Oil.
The products:  KMS California MOISTREPAIR Leave-in Conditioner, TAMEFRIZZ Smoothing Lotion, HAIRSTAY Anti-Humidity Seal, TAMEFRIZZ De-Frizz Oil


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Most Wanted Awards


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