LIVE from London Collections: Men – Richard James A/W16

Richard James
The show:
 Richard James A/W16

The hair: Daniel Jordan for GO24·7

The inspiration: The docks in London’s East End during the 1930’s, where the diverse world of chic, streamlined cruise liners and enormous, jam-packed container ships met as one. The models were styled like the street-savvy East-Enders who worked on the docks – rough and ready, but still wanting to look pristine with immaculate looking hair.

The details: Daniel began by mixing a small amount of Cream Wax with Pomade and worked it into the models’ wet hair. He then dried it in with a hairdryer to give hair a lived in feel. As he was drying, he combed the hair into a side parting (making sure to keep the hair flat) and followed the natural shape of the head. To finish, Daniel used a pea sized amount of Pomade and Control Spray to give an immaculate, shiny effect.

The products: Cream Wax, Pomade and Control Spray – all by GO24·7.

Richard James
Richard James