Live from London Collections: Men – Rory Parnell Mooney S/S16

The show: Rory Parnell Mooney S/S16

The hair: Gary Gill and the Generation Now team for Wella Professionals

The inspiration:  Sweaty bank robbers fleeing the scene, complete with stockings over their head.

The details: Gary began by applying Dry Me dry shampoo to dry hair to add grip and texture. He then sprayed Ocean Spritz salt spray all over the hair to give it a crispy, crunchy, sweat-drenched feel, and added a hair net and stocking.

Using a diffuser, Gary and the team blow-dried the hair through the net and stocking, to simulate a style that’d become damp during a raid and dried during a frantic getaway. They then pulled strands out from under the stocking and across each model’s face and used a colouring brush to apply Sculpt Force Extra Strong Flubber Gel, sticking the stray hairs to the cheeks and forehead.

These were blow-dried into place, before a tuft of hair was pulled out of a hole at the back of the net and stocking. For models with shorter hair, a weft of hair was added and coated in further salt spray to create a clumped ‘rat tail’.

The products: Dry Me dry shampoo,Ocean Spritz salt spray and Sculpt Force Extra Strong Flubber Gel, all by Wella EIMI.

Wella EIMI
Wella EIMI
Wella EIMI