LIVE from London Collections: Men – Tourne de Transmission A/W16

The show: Tourne de Transmission

The hair: Sarah Jo Palmer for Bumble and bumble

The inspiration: Young and old people of Tibet and their hair, messy and windswept from the elements. Each model’s look is slightly feral, and maintains some individuality despite being part of a tribal family.

The details: Layering of products was key, with Bumble and bumble Sea Salt Spray and Dryspun Finish being applied about three times each. This created a multi-textured look with slightly greasy roots but sandy, matte lengths, as if the hair has not been washed as the nomadic models travelled. Models with longer hair had their hair divided into sections – 2 at the front and 5 round the back – braided down and secured. Models with shorter hair had clumps created using an inch width tong, twisted in alternate directions. The hair was then pressed down with do-rag to slightly squash it. The looks were finished with Classic Hairspray.

The products: Sea Salt Spray, Dryspun Finish and Classic Hairspray by Bumble and bumble.

Tourne de Transmission
Tourne de Transmission
Tourne de Transmission