LPPD announces new industry initiatives

L’Oreal Professional Products Division (LPPD) have announced the launch of a major and wide-ranging new offensive to upskill UK hairdressers, attract future talent into the industry and to elevate the reputation of hair professionals among consumers.

The ten-year plan, which will be spearheaded by Monica Teodoro, the popular and charismatic former General Manager of L’Oréal Professionnel, will see the division working on a number of initiatives designed to advance hairdressing education at all levels of experience – from college student to seasoned salon owner – in order to ensure that consumers are constantly excited by the professional offering.

Earlier this year LPPD responded to the Covid-19 crisis by opening up its online education platform, Access, to provide free education in fundamental colour courses during lockdown. Over 16,000 hairdressers took advantage (it would have taken three years to educate the same amount of people in a classroom environment), prompting the division to open up the same opportunities amongst college students, moving forward. It expects to have 50,000 users of Access by the end of the year, and will double the amount of content on the site.

Additional plans include refreshing the face-to-face teaching experience in the division’s Academy and also leveraging LPPD’s portfolio of events to support and inspire the hairdressing community.

“The industry is at a point where it must renovate and reinvent itself for the future,” says Teodoro. “It’s time to take a deep breath, re-centre yourself and then focus 100 per cent on your professional expertise because this is what will elevate you in the eyes of your client and give you your point of difference.”

Teodoro’s new role as General Manager of Education and Professional Development is a global first for L’Oréal and will be watched closely by its teams in other countries around the world.

“Supporting the positive development of the industry and all of our partners continues to be our number one priority,” says Beatrice Dautzenberg, managing director of LPPD in the UK & Ireland. “We constantly strive to evolve to ensure we offer the maximum level of support, value and partnership and are delighted to be the first to create this new position that will pioneer the positive development of the wider hairdressing industry.”

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