Magic Scissors takes over #HairHour!

Magic ScissorsTILE
Last Wednesday, Creative HEAD helped to host a special edition of weekly Twitter chat #hairhour that was all about Magic Scissors.

As well as asking you to send in advice for the students in Uganda (and giving away a pair of golden scissors!), the campaign’s founder Tony Wood took part in a short Q&A…

What IS Magic Scissors?
A chance for hairdressers to unite for a good cause. Just by doing one haircut each we can make huge difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.

What inspired you to take your idea for Magic Scissors forward?
I wanted to use my industry knowledge and education skills to create something unique that gives something back. I am lucky to have such a rich life with so many great people around me – others are less fortunate and we can help.

How important is education in Hairdressing Skills for the kids in Uganda?
Over here, we often take our opportunities for granted and also don’t realise that we can change lives. It puts everything in perspective seeing the difference training can make, and at our end, all it takes is just one haircut. People can so easily go down the wrong path, but we can change things by doing something to help now.

How can we all get involved in Magic Scissors?
Sign up, do one haircut and donate your fee. It works because it’s so simple – you’re giving just one hour of your time. Many of the UK’s top hairdressers have done it, but it’s something all of us need to do. Of course, spreading the word and encouraging your team and friends helps too!

Is there opportunity to take Magic Scissors to other areas around the world to help their kids too?
This is just the start. My idea is that this will grow every year, becoming an annual hairdressing event. We can continue, and extend the help we can do, with just a haircut.

What do you hope is the biggest thing the kids in Uganda will take away from Magic Scissors?
The opportunity of a better life. Simple.

You can track the Magic Scissors themselves as they travel from salon to salon around the country in our dedicated Facebook album. To sign up yourself – and join huge names such as Errol Douglas, Richard Ward, Charles Worthington, Hooker & Young and Lee Stafford –  visit or simply donate via this link.