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Join us on a deep dive into the creative work of the show team geniuses behind the scenes of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy UK & Ireland Grand Final…

Brooks & Brooks

Sally and Jamie Brooks are joined by Marlon Hawkins and Grace Dalgleish to reveal the process that created Borderless, an immersive experience that lets the audience escape reality…

How do you begin the creative process for a project like this? 
Sometimes it can be something that we’ve been talking about that we push further to see if there is a show in there and work the ideas. Or it’s about having creative meetings to see where our heads are. Understanding the show, the audience, and what we want to deliver is vital. We are always talking to each other and always have mannequins around with half-completed ideas.

What happens once you have your concept?
We normally have a couple of concepts ready before talking to the team at L’Oréal. Once agreed, we eat, sleep and breathe the show until it’s over! Normally all aspects of the show are done in unison as they need to complement each other. The last thing is the final model choice. This year is wildly different as it’s a closed set, so we had to think about how it will work on a screen and how to give viewers a fully immersive experience. It’s a bit like making a good movie.


digital image of hands for the Rush hair show at Colour Trophy

Rush Hair

Rush Hair Virtual Transition explores the world of virtual influencers. Tina Farey, Andy Heasman and Chris Williams – with Seung-Ki Baek and Michael Rackett – discuss how it came about

How do you begin the creative process for a project like this?
There’s a round table meeting and ideas are put out there. Usually one of these will become the first building block. We then moodboard the idea. It’s often quite a different process creating a show compared with doing a shoot. We tend to look for future trends, looking at subcultures for ideas that are being explored around us, but also art, film and fashion.

How do you finalise the idea among the team?
Creating show hair can be a complex process. We take ideas away, try them out and bring them back to the table. It’s the evolution of ideas that often becomes the final show. It’s also important to remember that it’s about all the elements coming together – the VT, lights, choreography, clothes, models and make-up all combine to create the final piece.

This is history in colour. This is your life in colour.
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