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Meet you and your clients’ new blonding BFF

Now more than ever, blondes are big business. The stats don’t lie: blonding is the number one colour service in UK salons*, with nearly 40% of clients opting to lighten their lengths in some way.  Clients want to go brighter and they want to get there faster, but 64% of women in the UK have a base that is of a level 5 depth or darker, meaning achieving a clean lift often exposes them to higher concentrations of bleach and – you guessed it – hair damage.

To lessen your foiling fear and improve hair health, so both you and your clients can blonde and care with confidence, Matrix have developed the Unbreak My Blonde range as an addition to their Total Results line. Instead of just seeking to repair damage that has already been done, Unbreak My Blonde provides a start to finish service for all blonding clients, caring for the hair at every step of the way.

Providing up to eight levels of lift, but with built-in hair fibre reinforcement, Matrix’s Light Master 8 with Bonder combines power with protection. Enriched with citric acid, to help protect bonds and keep fibres strong when lightening, the formula also saves you time; there’s no need to apply sealer at the back bar, making the entire lifting process smoother and more efficient.

When it comes to rinsing, Matrix have another ace up their sleeve. The brand new Bleach Finder Shampoo takes the guesswork out of lightener removal, with its unique colour-changing formula and targeted smart-cleansing technology. Giving you a visual guide as to where peroxide particles still remain in the hair, the shampoo applies yellow, but turns pink when it comes into contact with bleach residue. Rinse and apply again until the suds stay yellow, and as you wash away those worries, you can rest assured that over-processing will not sabotage your canvas or lead to patchy toning results.

Matrix Light Master with Bonder Inside bleach pack, alongside a bottle of Matrix Bleach Finder shampoo
Matrix SoColour Sync pre-bonded acidic toners
Once the heavy lifting is done, it’s time to craft that perfect, personalised finish. SoColor Sync Opal Acidic Toners not only deliver stunning, summer-ready shine, but they are pre-bonded to help protect and preserve the inner hair structure, colour after colour**. Available in four shades (10PA aka pearl ash; 10PV or pearl violet; 10PR, which is pearl rose and 10PG, and illuminating pearl gold) they fade true to tone and go beyond neutralisation, imparting an iridescent shimmer to the hair.

Plus, their acidic pH helps with moisture retention and ensures no shift in base. They can also be intermixed with all other shades within the SoColor Sync Acidic range, giving you full creative control over your blonde toning.

Cared-for colour and three-times stronger hair. It sounds too good to be true, but that’s what the new Unbreak My Blonde take home trio offers clients***. Comprised of a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment, each after care product has been designed to deliver great results, without compromising on colour longevity or hair health.

The Unbreak My Blonde Shampoo gently cleanses fragile hair without stripping it of much-needed moisture, leaving lifted lengths bright and refreshed. When paired with the Unbreak My Blonde Conditioner, bleached hair feels softer and replenished after every wash.

For some extra TLC, the Unbreak My Blonde Leave-In treatment nourishes needy hair fibres, smoothing, moisturising and fortifying without weighing lengths down. With clients enjoying reduced breakage and longer-lasting colour thanks to these hair heroes, consider your bleach damage concerns extinguished!

The Unbreak My Bold trio of after care products from Matrix

Unlock new colour possibilities build a brighter, stronger future for all
your blonde clients with Matrix Total Results and Unbreak My Blonde.
To learn more, visit or to connect with Matrix directly, send them a DM on Facebook

*UK salon Behaviour Tracker W2 2020
**assessed after 7 applications on sensitised hair
***combing test on bleached hair. Shampoo, conditioner & leave-in product vs classic shampoo

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