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Matrix Bleach Finder Shampoo headerMake your life easier with bleach recognition

Ugh, uneven toning. It can happen to the best of us, thanks to pesky peroxide residue lurking in your blonding clients’ strands. But the days of repeat-rinse guesswork are all but over, thanks to the latest innovation from Matrix.

Meet your new backwash hero, Matrix Bleach Finder Shampoo – an invention so fool-proof, it’ll become an instant favourite  among your entire team. The clever formula makes it super-easy to determine whether any lightener remains in the hair, as it seeks out bleach particles and changes colour to alert you if they’re present.

When first applied, the shampoo is a sherbet yellow shade. Lather up to cleanse the client’s hair, and if the formula turns pink, you know there is still bleach inside the lightened lengths that needs removing. Rinse and repeat until the suds stay yellow, so you know all residual bleach is removed and you’re good to tone.

No more over-processed areas. No more blotchiness due to hidden bleach retention around the nape. Just a clear visual guide to help you get your cleanest rinse (and best blonde results) ever.

And like the rest of the Total Results Unbreak My Blonde range, Matrix Bleach Finder Shampoo formula is enriched with citric acid to help neutralise the pH of the hair. The result? Hair is left looking and feeling healthier.

Matrix Bleach Finder Shampoo alongside two hair swatches showing even toning results

Top tip: Use Bleach Finder Shampoo not only to make your life simpler day to day, but to help train apprentices so that they learn to rinse thoroughly after every colour service.

Unlock new colour possibilities build a brighter, stronger future for all
your blonde clients with Matrix Total Results and Unbreak My Blonde.

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