Meet Liam


Liam Campbell, aka Liam The Barber is known for his stand out styling skills. From a stint in the British Army to freelance barber, Liam’s trade has taken him from Australia to India, backstage on The X Factor and styling for the likes of Ted Baker and Diesel. Last year he founded Brother Barber, combining his two passions – barbering and football – kicking off with a stint at the World Cup in Russia cutting fans’ hair and documenting their stories. Formerly head barber at Nomad Barber, he is currently lead barber at the brand new Mills x Primark in Birmingham city centre.

Before he began styling behind the chair at The Coterie: In Session MEN, we caught up with Liam to chat about his life in hair so far…

Best ever job/project/experience to date
The men’s hair session work for a Ted Baker show SS16, I think. I loved the pressure of getting all the boys ready to walk. Or teaching and judging at the first Jakarta Hair Show in Indonesia – I couldn’t quite believe I was there, and everybody was so happy to have us and learn about men’s hair and barbering.

A skill or technique or style you feel is seriously underrated
Clipper over comb. It’s excellent for speed, great for building shape and weight and can be used to finish a haircut beautifully.

Something you’d like to see more of
Men’s hairdressing in barber shops and higher pricing in barbering. Good barbers give so much and don’t always get the rewards they deserve.

When did you realise you wanted to specialise in men’s hairdressing?
I had a dream in a tent in Australia and the rest is history!

What have you struggled with the most in your career?
Projecting what’s in my head into real life. And technical hairdressing.

See more of Liam’s work from the night by clicking his style mood boards below