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An indisputable voice in session – but also education and hair equality as the founder of WIG LONDON – Lisa has been turning heads with her creativity on an international scale for over 17 years.

Her list of award wins is longer than we could possibly fit on this page and she has an impressive track record, working with talent from A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar, to Rihanna and Gisele. But that’s far from all; she’s also the current Hair and Beauty Editor for Noctis magazine and regularly styles for leading publications and TV commercials. Plus, she somehow finds time to knock out a gorgeous hair collection or two. A force to be reckoned with, Lisa’s CV reads like a who’s who of top photographers, directors and brands, counting the likes of Rankin, LOVE, Vogue, Hugo Boss and Selfridges among her many collaborators.

Lisa Farrall for Jamie Campbell Bower in Fault, Noctis magazine, Rina Sawayama in i-D

Ahead of her star turn on stage at The Coterie: In Session, we chatted to Lisa about her life in hair so far…

Prior to working as an independent session stylist, did you work at a salon?
Yes! I worked at Toni&Guy for 19 years, and managed the art team.

How did you break into session?
I knocked on lots of doors, began assisting backstage at fashion week and collaborating with other creatives. I was lucky enough to meet Malcolm Edwards and that was my big session break, I guess.

You’re a passionate educator – with a keen focus on promoting ‘hair equality’ – tell us more…
I’m the founder of WIG LONDON, and the ‘education nation’  – teaching the art of session styling, creative cutting, afro hair styling, colouring and barbering – for all hair types. I believe that you should be able to walk into any salon and get your hair done. This is why I’m on a mission to make the industry texture neutral. Knowledge is power, after all.

What are your tips for staying cool under pressure whether on set, backstage etc.?
Singing a song, tapping, remembering that everyone is human.

Name a favourite shoot/project that you’ve worked on?
Kendrick Lamar and SZA – the ‘All The Stars’  music video for the Black Panther soundtrack.

How would you describe your hairdressing style?
Fearless and inspired by art. And I like to be thought-provoking.

What’s the greatest challenge you’ve experienced in your career to date?
Social media! Knowing how to promote yourself, and what to post… It got complicated, quickly!

You must have some stories to share from the session scene…
I mean, an NDA is a powerful thing so I can’t really share secrets. That’s the world of session!

You’ve collaborated with some incredibly well-known names. What’s it like to know your look will be seen by millions?
As hairdressers, we analyse every campaign and music video – everything we watch, we’re looking at the creative, the hair and the make-up. It’s special to see your hair seen by millions and think “Yeah, I did that!” and nobody would know it was down to you. It’s like being a silent rock star.

What would be a dream brief for you?
No budgets! Ha ha, everyone’s dream! But I like shooting real people in real locations and spreading a political message, even if it’s not an obvious one. I like to make people think, and my collections allow  me to do that.

See Lisa’s work from the night by clicking her style mood boards below

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Most Wanted Awards

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