Meet STMNT GROOMING GOODS: a pioneer for modern barbering

STMNT GROOMING GOODS is here to revolutionise the industry, as they blur the lines between the hairdressing and barbering worlds for a genderless experience, based on unique and statement products


The past few years have seen a shift on perceptions around barbering and hairdressing, with the two professions merging to become one. Of course, the core principles are each in place with the same professions, but brands like STMNT GROOMING GOODS are leading the way when it comes to championing genderless style. 

“We are the pioneers of modern barbering. Our mission is to do more than contribute; we are looking to rewrite the standards of grooming,” say the founders of STMNT.

“We respect people that have bold, authentic statements to make. We are creating a community of movers and shakers that influence our industry. People that stand up for what they believe in. Taking a truly collaborative approach, we are shaping a brand that goes beyond product. A brand with purpose.”

Challenging perceptions on masculinity

One of the core beliefs of STMNT is that ideas around masculinity and grooming have changed and should continue to be challenged. They believe that modern barbering is sophisticated, lifestyle-driven and genderless. The whole experience has evolved from the salon and into the daily routine and shouldn’t require labels. 

The brains behind the brand

Barbers by trade and creators by nature, innovators Julius Arriola aka JULIUS CVESAR, Sofie Pok aka STAYGOLD and Miguel Gutierrez aka NOMAD BARBER are part of the founding team of STMNT GROOMING GOODS – and they know the scene inside out.

Their mission was to create products that will fit easily into everyday lives and encourage clients to keep the grooming routine going at home. Their unique brand is designed to be different, celebrating uniqueness and reflecting the founders own identities.

The STMNT community

STMNT goes beyond the product, this is a brand with purpose. A collective that respects people who have bold, authentic statements to make. People that stand up for what they believe in.

Are you ready to raise your game? Join a community that honours craftsmanship and strives to do better than what has come before by following the brand on Instagram at @STMNTGROOMING and using #STMNTGROOMING #MAKEYOURSTMNT

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