Meet the Activator – Anderson Boyce

by | 22 Sep 2022

Anderson Boyce

My ideal mentee: My key skills lie in modern barbering, particularly in textured/afro hair, so I’d love to work with a young up-and-coming barber as who’s looking for guidance and influence.Anderson Boyce

Anderson Boyce
Barber brand owner, Essex

Anderson has worked as a barber since the age of 17, spending his early years carefully building his client base, entering competitions and raising his profile. Those solid foundations have paid off: Anderson is now the owner of his own barbering brand, salons and training academy, Hairforce 1. “Barbering changed my life,” he says. “It has given me purpose, determination, confidence, business goals and above all else a life skill that nobody can take away.”


Applications close 14 October 2022

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