Megix 10: the 10-minute colour system that will revolutionise salon appointments

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Colour, Promotion

Megix 10 is here to transform not only your client’s hair, but your whole business, with the fastest development time in history

Promotion – Megix 10

This innovative Megix10 line features 92 permanent shades to choose from giving you an endless creative palette and ensuring it caters to all colour needs, with Keraveg18 technology to maintain the hair’s integrity throughout the colouring process and ensure it stays healthy and glossy after the treatment. 

The real draw of Megix10 is the 10-minute development time – a gamechanger when it comes to efficiency in the salon, and much less waiting time for the client.

Gone are the days of spending hours in the hairdresser’s chair waiting for the colour to develop, with faster results meaning more time for a more personal consultation.

To break it down, Megix10 takes 10 minutes for high-performance colour, 20 minutes for highlift and 5 minutes for toning, which makes life easier for both you and the client. So how exactly is Megix10 so speedy? 


The science bit

The products are developed with spectrum technology, which in simple terms means that they use lower levels of ammonia and micro-pigments, which combine quicker to allow a ten minute processing time. This new technology copulates the pigments together in order to make them oxidize in the shortest time possible

Megix 10: the benefits

Not only does this speedier developing time mean appointments are shorter, but it’s also a plus for clients who want to reduce their exposure to chemicals and there’s less chance of a reaction or the client’s skin becoming irritated. Another benefit for the stylist is that there’s more time to find out about the client’s hair needs with time for a longer consultation period, offering the opportunity to up-sell additional services boosting both client satisfaction and revenue. 

The Megix 10 colour wheel 

The different Megix10 shades all have their place in the Megix10 colour wheel, meaning you can easily check the background tone of every colour on offer – it’s a really useful tool to use when you’re formulating. 

Putting the hair’s integrity first

The products also contain a unique complex of vegetable amino acids called Keraveg18 – a blend of 18 different amino acids that are found in every tube of hair colour. These amino acids help restore the hair’s natural health, putting the integrity of the hair first and keeping it protected during the colouring process for shiny, healthy hair that lasts long after the salon appointment and ensures a return visit. 

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