Megix 10: the big benefits for business

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Colour, Promotion

Colour brand Megix 10 can benefit businesses in a multitude of ways. Find out how the super speedy developing time of just 10 minutes can see your salon’s success soar 

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Megix10 is the innovative new colouring method that’s taking the industry by storm. The brand’s line features 92 permanent shades to choose from, ensuring it caters to all colour needs. The products also feature Keraveg18 technology to maintain the hair’s integrity throughout the colouring process.

Megix10 comes with a whole host of benefits for both stylists and clients. As an example, salon owner Lisa Dolman said Megix10 completely transformed her salon life, thanks to its time-saving advantages.

Megix10’s Highly knowledgeable and friendly Education Team, always ensure that your changeover is smooth and painless and the ongoing education means you and your team will always be totally up to date.

Intrigued? Of course, you are! Megix10 could benefit your business, and make your clients’ lives a lot easier in the process. From a the shorter developing time to delivering a more personal and cohesive service, the business-boosting benefits are endless…

The shorter developing time makes the client’s life easier 

Any successful business owner knows, that if the clients are happy, the business will prosper. That’s why Megix10’s shorter developing time is such an asset for salons. The 10-minute timeframe means lunchtime colour appointments, or quick appointments before or after work, are now on the cards. 

In the aftermath of Covid-19, many clients may not want to be sat in a public space for lengthy periods, so it’s reassuring to know the service will be quick and seamless. Plus, the reduced developing time means that time can be spent on other parts of the process, such as the consultation or aftercare advice. 

A more personal and cohesive service 

Less time in the hairdresser’s chair for developing means more time to spend finding out about the client’s individual needs and preferences. Another benefit for the stylist is that there’s more time to find out about the client’s hair needs, offering the opportunity to up-sell additional services – in turn boosting both client satisfaction and revenue. 

Another benefit is that the whole experience is more cohesive. Rather than chopping and changing between stylists and colourists, this shorter wait time allows for the colourist to see the colour process from start to finish, resulting in a smoother experience for the client all around and a feeling of being pampered, rather than rushed. 

Less time in the chair means new clients

A recent survey showed that 80% of home hair colour sold is for root touch ups – as clients want to save time by doing it themselves at home. Salons stocking Megix10 have seen a huge increase in their client base due to people finding it’s even quicker to opt for a Megix10 treatment in stores then to do it themselves at home, bringing in new business.

Megix 10 is a one-stop-shop

The range of products has everything you need to colour clients’ hair; permanent, semi, demi and quasi hair colour in just one tube. With the help of Megix Morph, you can turn Megix10 colour into a mild acid toner and the Pure Shades range mean you can cater for clients who want bright, bold shades. There’s also an extensive aftercare range so clients can carry on their hair treatment at home. Plus, there’s an amazing introductory pack for all Megix10 lines. 

Less exposure to chemicals will widen your client base 

More and more nowadays clients are becoming mindful about coming into contact with chemicals, and less developing time means less exposure to chemicals. There’s also less chance of a reaction taking place or the client’s skin becoming irritated as they’re sitting with the product on for less time. 

Jeff O’Neil discusses the benefits of Megix10

More time to chat means more chances to up-sell 

Rushing through a client appointment that’s already feeling tight on timings leaves little room to offer extra add-on treatments, or recommend products with any conviction. More time to spend with the client is an opportunity to increase revenue, by finding out which additional treatments or follow-up services would suit their individual needs. Not only is this an opportunity to boost sales, but the customer will feel cared for, with a bespoke experience that satisfies all their hair needs. 

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