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A member of the Fellowship’s Project X team – currently mentored by Sam Burnett – Arif Arikan is based in Derby at Alice And The Hair as a senior stylist, with lots more projects on the horizon…

“This shoot is the first time I’ve done anything of the sort, and it’s been really exciting to work with Sam and Syd. I’d love to be able to assist Sam and Syd on more opportunities, and more shoots or behind the scenes at London Fashion Week. The sky is the limit!” Arif

“Freedom to me means no boundaries, limitless creativity. Even in freedom when working, I like to collaborate. Working in an environment like this means we can be influenced by our surroundings with some raw, exciting hair looks.” Sam Burnett, Hare & Bone founder, #SydSquad

With Elly, Sam and Arif wanted to create “quite a strong graphic mullet, cutting the top quite short with a really nice, curved and strong fringe and adding lots of texture,” Sam explains. Arif started by dividing the hair into four quadrants, then began cutting in the length on the sides using a graduating technique to cut the desired length. “We wanted to create a choppy, cropped length to work with our mullet haircut,” said Arif. 


Next, Arif connected the sides to the top and layered the top section to create texture before connecting the top layer to the back sections. He over-directed the length at the back to create longer layers through the back section. The fringe was then cut in, and using scissors Sam and Arif cut into it “to create a chopper finish.” Finally, Arif used a razor to create internal and external texture throughout and remove some weight. For styling, the back section was left to dry naturally “to embrace her natural texture.” Through the top, the new BaByliss Cordless Hot Brush was used to wrap dry and smooth. 

“I believe in giving back. It’s really important to share skills, to give new stylists confidence.” Sam Burnett, Hare & Bone founder, #SydSquad
Make-up: Manabu Nobuoka

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