Keep talking – how Metal Detox can boost business

Some clients are scared colour will damage their hair. But with the help of Metal Detox from L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, a canny conversation and a quick spray before applying colour, you can soothe their concerns and tempt more new clients into the transformative world of colour…

Years of client consultations will have taught you that lots of clients love the idea of a swishy new colour, but are absolutely terrified of the damage it might do to their hair – a major roadblock to your colour business.

Now, thanks to extensive research into client habits by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, we’ve got a clear image of the obstacles stylists face. Almost half of those surveyed (45 per cent) felt that their hair was ‘damaged’.* So it makes sense that clients are seeking help to offset this damage – 15 per cent of consumers included ‘repair damaged hair’ in the top five benefits they want to achieve, rising to 18 per cent for pro/salon brand users.*

And what of the people who avoid colour services? The fear of damage is more than enough to scare them off colouring their hair – 18 per cent stated they don’t colour because they felt it damaged their hair.**

So, now’s the time to talk about innovation and the quick service that can change their perception… and the colour you could see as a result. Thanks to Metal Detox from L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, you’re now able to meet concerns head-on, and show your clients that colour doesn’t need to be damaging. It’s a new conversation, a new opportunity to win over even more clients to professional colour, and boost your services and your bill along the way!

We know that clients aren’t afraid to pay for the services they see a real difference from – L’Oréal Professionnel Paris’ research showed that 51 per cent of salon goers had opted for a treatment in the past 12 months.** Once they see what adding Metal Detox can do to their colour results they won’t want to switch back!

You can expect up to 87 per cent less breakage using Metal Detox*** – incredible results that your clients will really appreciate.

Adding Metal Detox to colour services means more profit per colour client, which means growth and increased profits for the team. You could charge an additional fee for a pre-colour treatment that takes no extra time, but makes a big impact on your colour finish, and your clients’ hair happiness. That’s worth talking about, right? No matter what colour brand you use, Metal Detox works seamlessly.****



“Metal Detox is going to change the game, giving us control and confidence. It’s a great talking point for clients, and to educate them and showcase our professional expertise” – Grace Dalgleish, Brooks & Brooks


Build on your colour business with the help of L’Oreal Professionnel Paris and Metal Detox. Discover how to implement the service on L’Oréal Access and then stock up at L’Oreal Partner Shop!


*Haircare U&A (March 2020) – female haircare users 16+; total sample = 5093

**Salon Tracker (May 2020), females aged 16+; total sample = 1017

***Combing test. Pre-treatment, shampoo and mask versus classic shampoo on bleached hair

****For optimised results, use with L’Oreal Professionnel colour products

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