Most Wanted x Ireland PLUS Two New Categories!


Evolution, it’s key to progression and Most Wanted moves with the times; that’s why we’re delighted to announce not one but TWO NEW CATEGORIES for 2019! But that’s not all, for the first time ever, Irish hair professionals and salons can enter all awards!

Gone are two specific Irish categories and instead hair professionals and salons across Ireland can enter all 12 Most Wanted awards including two fabulous newbies; Independent Stylist and Best New Boutique Salon, plus be nominated for Hair Icon and Session Stylist. Exciting times!

So, who are our new kids on the block? Let’s meet them…

First up to the plate is Independent Stylist, for a stylist looking after clients while busy building ‘brand me’. Tipped over The It List age threshold? This could be the perfect introduction to Most Wanted for those with one foot in salon and the other in session.  Find out more HERE

Next in line is Best New Boutique Salon – we’re seeking new small but perfectly formed salons with a unique sense of style. If your salon launched after February 2018, has no more than six styling stations and is maximising every square foot to its fullest potential, it’s time to stand up and stand out! Head HERE for all you need to know.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us…