Beauty and the Beast – MWIT20 hair shows worth waiting for

ghd and Anthony Turner set the catwalk alight with two high-octane hair shows during our Most Wanted and The It List Grand Final

What would the Grand Final of the Most Wanted and It List Awards be without a show-stopping, mind-blowing hair show? Nothing, that’s what – but since it was Creative HEAD and the Most Wanted Award’s 20th anniversary, we decided to go twice as hard with the addition of a special performance from our 2019 and 2020 Session Stylist winner Anthony Turner. The shows lit up MWIT20 – here’s how it all played out…

Lush, renaissance-inspired tumbling curls. Punky and totally modern topknots. Devil-may-care texture and throwback accessories. The ghd hair show at the end of the It List 2020 awards ran the full gamut, thanks to the talented hands of Zoë Irwin, Charlotte Mensah and Adam Reed. Paired with eye-catching, fluid metallic clothing, we were treated to a sensational celebration of the versatility of ghd’s award-winning tools.

The first set of models dazzled in silver, with glamorous enhanced texture. A redhead model sported Botticelli-worthy curls, alongside gloriously full afros and teased takes on classic up-dos. A flash of neon from giant snap clips at the back of the head was creator Zoë Irwin’s calling card for the looks.

Things were amped up by Adam Reed with towering, tightly bound creations and exaggerated ‘80s-esque shapes. A male model joined the fray, sporting artfully mussed waves reminiscent of Jagger.

Shapes went bigger still as Charlotte Mensah shaped textured hair into fluid shapes and bends for a sleek, sculptural finish, offset beside just-woke-up-like-this, naturally raw textures.

Breaking up the MWIT20 scheduling with a feed hijack, Anthony Turner’s Monster Queen show was a fantastical, flamboyant nightmare of exaggerated forms. Twists on the norm are Anthony’s signature, evident from his first looks of amplified babydoll ringlets in bunches and a flame-red afro texture replacing a clown’s characteristic curly wig.

A dreamcatcher gone wrong, crimped and spidery, followed along with a werewolf-ragged shag. The gothic bridezilla stole the show, wearing a crown of blood red, thorny trident-like twists, hacking expressionlessly at her bouquet with a knife as she glided down the catwalk.

Bat-like wings and poison ivy vines were other eerie imagery invoked by his theatrical, gothic creations. The building became electric, feeding from the energy of Anthony’s incredible designs, while the livestream chat went berserk with amazement. Keep your eyes peeled for more of Anthony’s twisted fantasies later this year…

MWIT was reel good – read all about our MWIT20 Grand Final here >>


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