My month ahead – Joe Hemmings, August 2022

Our favourite hair pros share their to-do list for the month ahead. This month it’s award-winning salon owner Joe Hemmings


“I’m extremely excited to launch Humanising Salon Leadership this month, a business education platform and website with live events that are designed to help salon owners with the challenges they face on a daily basis. There are three separate business courses, as on offshoot of my work at Bloggs Salons.

My mission is to improve salon employment for the hair industry by empowering and inspiring salon owners to run their business in a new way. The world has changed so much so much and we need to adapt our salons to embrace a new way of working by listening to our team and putting them first.

Over the next month my social media channels will have a big push, aimed at supporting salon owners by sharing my own story and experiences. I hope to share the perspective that it’s the same for everyone, that we all go through the same feelings and emotions. No matter how good someone is at running a salon, there will be moments when you feel like everything is going wrong and it’s all going to end, by being honest and open. It’s not a reflection of inadequacy – it’s just entrepreneurship. In these moments, when it feels like it’s all over, we find the answers we need; they’re never fatal with the right philosophy in business.

I believe in self-development so 18 months ago I started working with Simon Shaw to develop my own skills and push myself out of my comfort zone to learn the art of live presenting. I’m terrified – but also excited – to see where this takes me, as I have a few live events lined up over the next month.

So far it has been an incredible year for Bloggs, with amazing achievements topped off with recently winning the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final in two categories. Between now and the end of September, Bloggs is going through a restructure of the management team, where we are having lots of in-house promotions and really focussing our team on what they love doing. This will get us ready for more growth in 2023/24.

Becoming more sustainable and ethical is something I have become passionate about since becoming a dad, so we have just launched a new reforestation project through Bloggs by planting 100 trees to celebrate 100 years of employment. I’m really looking forward to seeing this develop and visiting the forest in Scotland. I’m also really excited as we are about to sign a contract with a local Bristol charity that provides safe water and clean toilets around the world. Moving forward, for every new employee on their birthday or anniversary we will be planting trees and donating to help provide safe, clean water.

I’m also really looking forward to the Most Wanted Grand Final, where I’m a finalist in the Business Thinker category; it will be amazing to socialise with the industry face-to-face again.”

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